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        SitRepPro wrote:


        deamonomic wrote:


        really no one should be using it as it will affect your gameplay experience.


        That's what I used to say.  So long as players use shared conenctions with resources that alter latency of games online then it's always going to be there.  I don't know if this is still allowed but I imagine some kid downloading some saucy videos using the BitTorrent protocol during game play will be a more widespread issue than someone going out of their way to gimp their connection in the belief that it will give them an advantage/even the playing field.  How do you know if kids downloading saucy videos are doing it delierately to gimp their connection?  Might be their older brother...........or sister even.

        thats why bad connections dont get you banned. but if you gimping your conenction does cause problems and MS takes notice, they will likely ban you for it if they believe it is deliberate. gtg... need to stop getting distracted XD should have been down stairs 5 min ago

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          Just send me an inv, I sent you a message on XBL.

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            They could force developers to put into place a kick feature regarding latency.  I find playing people from Spain and Italy a pain because they're warping round the map on two bars.  They are usually easy to kill but they take longer to put down.  And having regional matchmaking might help reduce the chances of latency between players due to the distance between players being shorter.  The game is very fast paced, has 100ms built in delay (I think) and having lobbies of players populated sparsely around a large land mass will only make it more difficult.

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              But shouldn't bad connections get punished anyway?  The results are the same in that it's a bad experience for everyone.

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                SitRepPro wrote:


                But shouldn't bad connections get punished anyway?  The results are the same in that it's a bad experience for everyone.

                I agree with you, I think that it should kick the player if they are down to  a 2 bar thats halfway to being a one bar, for atleast 2 minutes. The reason 2 minutes, is because it would be unfair to kick someone for a onetime 2 or even 3 minute lag spike, which typically if its lasting that long its because their internet is downloading something.


                I would be fine with this for the simple reason, you Really should not be playing with a terrible connection. You are unlikely to have fun, and are likely to ruin others fun. But at the same time a short period of lag shouldnt be enough to warrant a kick.


                But there is a flaw with this, What happens when they are bouncing up and down?... Idea: could have a lag grace period, where if you drop below a certain threshold it starts a countdown, the timer stops once you are over it and starts again when below. Once you reach the time limit you are dropped. You dont recieve probation for this, but you do get a message stating that your connection might be having issues. or something along those lines.

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                  SitRepPro wrote:


                  How can it be considered cheating by gimping your connection?  Is this implying that players with naturally gimped connections are benefiting from lag compensation?  If they're not then it's not cheating.  Sure it can be the lobbies pretty bad for everyone, not denying that.

                  Because you cant benefit from lag comp it isnt a thing that gives advanatges or disadvantages.Sooner people finally get this the better.

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                    Please no more pounding your fist on the desk. My pudding cup keeps tipping over.

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                      Exactly.  You can't benefit from lag comp so adding latency to your connection is not cheating as you can never get an unfair advantage.  It just makes the lobby **** for everyone else.  But, as long as the game does not boot players who have naturally poor quality conenctions, or players are allowed to play on shared connections where programmes can add to the latency such as torrenting, then rubber banding lobbies, teleporting players etc will continue to exist.

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                        Not too sure about this, whole lotta 3-bar players leading my lobbies, coincidence?

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                          I "seem" to notice this too but usually it is after the fact and I don't have any actual reference data. Anecdotally, players from Mexico, Canada and of course South America/Europe are VERY difficult for me to kill despite me reporting 4 Green bars and they 2-3 Yellow.


                          Last night I did take note of one lobby. There was one guy, impossible for me to kill. I went 18-9 (not spectacular from a topline perspective but Ok) and he went 13-10. Six (6) of my deaths were from him- I literally lost EVERY encounter I had with him.


                          I checked post match and his KD was .81. Mine is 2.0. I am not saying that I deserved to win every encounter however statistically speaking I should have taken some regardless of his playing 62% above his KD. I literally could not even get my gun up despite not having problems with the balance of the lobby.


                          I also noted that he was from Spain while I am in Texas. Spain?


                          Whatever if anything you make of it, these are anomalies for me that I can't explain and it isn't related to my playstyle. The guy left the lobby and so did my problems with essentially the same mix of people other than no yellow bars. And no heavily biased person responsible for the majority of my deaths.