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    Stop changing the teams

      Seriously, I know it's probably to balance the teams to make it fairer to play but it seriously needs to stop changing the teams and resetting the countdown to the next game whenever the lobby changes. I've been in this Ground War lobby for 10 minutes now and the game still hasn't started. I would rather be put into a game full of people with a 10.00 k/d with a load of people with a 0.01 k/d than wait 10 minutes for a "balanced" game which half of the time isn't even balanced.

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          I'd love to know what the differences are between the matchmaking system on this and MW3. I almost exclusively played Ground War on MW3 but on Black Ops 2 it's almost a no go. I never, and I mean never had to wait in a lobby for over 5 minutes for it to settle on teams and start a game on past editions of Call Of Duty, but on this one it happens nearly daily.


          Really quite bizarre. I don't know if we just have 20 times as many people lobby jumping every time they get a map they don't like compared to before but something has changed.

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            lol sometimes I see nobody leave (this is 6 v 6 TDM) and everyone has swapped faction.  When it does this too many times then players will leave.  Then players find themselves in joining lost games and, if they back out too often, they get a probation.  Oh ho ho ho.

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              I'm not entirely sure whether this is a new thing since I didn't play MW3 much and I don't think I noticed it in any other CoD game dating back to CoD4 but there's a hidden matchmaking system that picks your opponents based on similar K/D ratios W/L ratios. I'm not so sure if that's true since I seem to get matched up with people with a negative ratio fairly often despite having a 2.07 ratio myself.


              So I guess whenever someone new joins the lobby it has to redo the team selection to make it fairer, thats the only explanation I can think of off the top of my head.

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                blame it on skill based mm where the game is trying to balance teh skill levels across the lobby. skill based mm does not belong in public lobbies ever. it never works as it is meant to and creates just this sort of issue in games that try it.

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                  It's all about dumbing down the game.  It wouldn't be such a problem if people learned how to lose and the game didn't try sell to everyone.