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    What is and should be happening with the dlc4 zombie map?

      We need the current crew crossing paths with the old crew, a really good easter egg and a decant cliffhanger ready for the next zombie game :) along with a map that is big with good replayability, phd and mule kick.


      I am hearing alot of rumours about the campaign team doing this final map which to me would be a major let down, dont get me wrong MOTD was a good map but storyline wise it was pointless and a waste of a map.

      If the final map isnt directly tied in with maxis, ritchofen etc then it would be a kick in the teeth for loyal fans and would honestly put me off buying the next zombie game.


      Is it confirmed who is doing the final map?

      Would you be let down if the final map is just a unrelated map again?

      If it is a carry on from the main storyline How is it going to work with the 2 different endings?