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    Why do I keep on getting put with retards?

      I'm starting to get REALLY pissed off with being put into lobbies, then when it comes to putting the individuals into their teams, i get put with the retards who can't play for ****  which thanks to them, makes me lose almost every match. My overall K/D ratio is 2.55 and overall W/L ratio of 0.99. Why does it keep doing this? It's literally every game which frustrates me immensely and i'm really starting to go crazy and just feel like i should give up on Multiplayer ecause of this bullshit! Anyone have any advice on why it might e doing this?

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          It happens to all of us.  Take a break and maybe later things will be better.

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              I do take breaks but it's always the same. Then i see large amount of players with a W/L ratio of over 1.50 and then it makes me wonder, why do i keep getting put with retards? Surely there's something wrong with the whole matchmaking thing?

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                  We have the same KD but my WLR is 1.9. My advise is to try to lift your team to victory and not to get mad. You are not playing to your full potential when you're mad. I do get paired up with thumbless players and I understand it's the nature of the game. I cannot do much other than to win the game for my team and to try really hard. If I were to lose a game then I just try harder the next round and tip my hat to the victors.

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                When you let Activision make your playdates for you, they have a larger pool of inadequate players to choose from since a lot of the better players tend to play with friends. Since no one likes to play with those players, that is who are most likely to be left with.


                If you don't want to play with those kind of players, make your own team.

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                  Yea.... It happens to everybody. It sucks but its just a fact of COD. I have a 1.90 kd but I lose a lot when I'm not running with my at least my brother. In general, it's easier to get kills by your self but its harder to get wins. U got to find good teammates.

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                    Do you have a high SPM? I think the teams are decided on that, not KD or WL. However it doesn't always seem to do the skill based matchmaking (and that's a good thing IMO).

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                      Just curious as to what game mode you play?

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                        I play 99 percent GW and it happens to me all the time.  I get annoyed when I get a time that wants to just snipe and don't bother with objectives or the split screen scrubs that go a combined 6-40.

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                          Sadly, these days I consider myself lucky if I'm paried with teammates who just try to play


                          Yesterday I had two sets of split screeners on my team.  One of them just followed me around shooting off his sniper rifle10 feet behind me, ending up 0-15; the other just spinning around and then diving off the map on Vertigo, ending up 2-10.  We still lost even though I went 27-5 (TDM.) 


                          I'm fine with playing with noobs who try.  I may even offer some advice if I have my mic on.  We were all noobs at one time or another. 


                          It's the little spinning kids and trolls....

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                            Does anybody really know how the players are put into matches? It seems pretty random to me and the reason GingerNinja feels the way he does. I'm not great at this game by any stretch, but I know I don't always - or exclusively - get matched with players of my skill level. There are times when I can't hardly move and I'm getting shot by three enemy at the same time! In other words, these guys are GOOD -and they know the maps and they know how to flank people - consistently. WAAAYYY higher skill level than me!


                            I have my days, though. Like today, playing a round on the Raid map. I went 21-3. I was happy, but I know in reality I was probably matched up against a bunch of little kids.


                            I've also had those matches where it seems like everyone else on my team is just goofing around. I was on Express one day and this kid had set up a guardian (not sure how he got it, since he was just goffing off) and once he set it up, he stood in front of it and just shot at it until someone on the other team killed him! Later in the game I was trying to get up into the control room by using the ladder and this guy was blocking me and wouldn't let me by. Of course I got killed. Someone else was spinning in circles....I can only imagine that they were all playing from one location and something funny was being smoked.....I bailed out, of course.


                            Anyway, I don't know if any of that relates to what the OP was about. But we all seem to share the same pain now and then!

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                                I don't think it is based on any stat to actually get you into a lobby BUT once you are in a lobby I would guess that it splits the teams up based on SPM. But sometimes it doesn't and it seems to split the lobby up randomly into two teams.


                                I agree with you though mostly. On the whole it seems pretty random like the other COD games. The only thing is I would say that it appears to be very loosely based on prestige, which is hardly skill based, although I could be wrong about that.