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    FREE-4-ALL Master

      can anyone help me i only need a relentles medal and i just cant get past ruthless!!!

      been bugging me for weeks. supressor or no supressor????

      Cass loadouts would be great if any can help??

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          Re: FREE-4-ALL Master

          yea get silencer and ghost on theres always uavs up. If you have the dlc encore was very easy for me to spawn trap play it a few times and you should know were everyone is coming from fast.

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              Re: FREE-4-ALL Master

              ive been using a silencer recently but everyone else doesnt and i seem to drop so easy :/

              its really frustrating.today i got my ultra killer medal and now i need 1 more relentless medal to be master killer and i thought i might aswell do 2 challenges in one i keep running outta time in TDM

              ANY CLASS SUGGESTIONS???

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              Re: FREE-4-ALL Master

              Not that I've done it but I'd say supressor.  Running non-supressed does give you a better damage range drop off but it also attracts a lot of attention and eventually you will get overrun.  The supressor will let you get your kills without being noticed too much and often in FFA the engagements are close enough that you really won't suffer too much from the damage range reduction anyway.

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