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    Game is almost dead anyway ------> remove SBMM

      It is really getting old now. I haven't touched this game in almost 2 months now and it's just as bad as i remember. I have 3+kd, 530 spm (used to be higher, but it dropped when everyone shifted to camping) and all i see are these 2.5kd dudes... 3kd dudes, Jnasty wannabe youtubers running spawn trappers etc. Really can't play this game anymore.


      It would be fine if matchmaking wasn't so BAD and ******* evened the teams out so i don't get stuck with splitscreeners and kids that got this game from charity every single time i'm online. The game is unplayable on my main acc. You really have to trash your stats if you want to have any fun whatsoever now. I heard SBMM has been removed on Xbox long time ago.


      I don't care about competition, but i don't run from it. Just connect me with whoever has the best connection. Tryhard mode lobbies game after game got old long time ago. Skill based matchmaking in pubs is the worst idea EVER. Vonderhaar ruined Call Of Duty with his stupid forced, nonsense esports agenda. I play games for fun and leisure in my free time. I dont' want to get stressed out and pissed off every time i boot your stupid ass game.

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          Yea you should stay away if frustration is derived from playing the game.

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            It's always interesting when someone has decided on an issue and then harpoons their own point.  SBMM was virtually eliminated months ago which is why you find yourself in lobbies with folks that have 3+kds and folks that don't and splitscreen.  The only thing that your main account likely has over a new one is that your main account is likely a higher prestige and the game has always tried to group higher prestiges together.  When I play on my main account, I usually play with prestige masters.  I dare say that it's rare that I come across someone below prestige 8.  When I play on my back up account, I rarely see anyone above a prestige 6 and mainly play with prestige 4 and 5's.  My stats are roughly the same on both accounts.  SBMM has no effect.  What you are struggling with is that you either have to play with people that know what they are doing on your main account or you have to play with people that often don't know what they are doing on your back up account.  This is nothing new.  If you don't like how the game is played now then don't play it.  Other games exist but don't blame SBMM for your frustrations.  It doesn't exist.

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              I was surprised on the weekend to be matched up with very low ranked players - like level 10's or less.  I'm 9th Prestige and not going any farther.

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                I would never had guessed this skill based matchmaking even existed if I hadn't come on here.


                To me it just feels totally random...as it should.


                The only thing I notice is that it seems to try and decide a lobbies teams based on SPM, once you are already in the pre game lobby. Although again this doesn't always seem to happen. But I don't seem to get put into the lobbies themselves based on SPM.


                Like the other guy said I think, if anything, it's very loosely based on prestige. Which shouldn't be too much of a problem because that isn't an indicator of skill, just experience.


                I am glad btw, because I think if the matchmaking were any more skill based it would be a bit stupid.


                I definitely don't think KDR or WLR come into it at all. But I could be wrong.