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      This is the 3rd time its happen in 5 games. I start lagging and loose connection or I am force to remove myself from the game. What is going on? My internet connect is fine there is no probelm there. I know its not on my side. Cause i can see other people experincing it as well.

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          Re: Lagging

          If everyone in the lobby is having the same issue then my uneducated but likely correct guess is that there is a server connection problem affecting your area.  Often these problems don't get posted on the server status boards but they still exist.

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            Re: Lagging

            Hi Sandman559,


            Thanks for posting.  Have you noticed this in any particular playlist or game mode?  Also, to gather as much information as possible what type of connection are you running (wired/wireless)?  Can you let us know the platform you are on as well as the bandwidth that registers in-game? Multiplayer>Options>System info.


            Thanks ^AH

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