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    Lag compensation/Rewind time/Antilag/Whatever

      Amazing how it can make a game unplayable to such a degree.

      Facing complete tards and having zero chance because they have such a big advantage on you, and then brag about it while they got carried by uncle Teryarch...

      Like looking at a window, and dying while nobody was on your screen. Killcam: He pops out of that window, takes his time and gets an easy kill on you. Yes I know killcam are always a bit off, but this is ridiculous.


      Thank you for making this game unfair and unviable for proper online matches.

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          This game is just unplayable and they never gonna fix it cauz Treyarch are just a bad developper and they dont care about us. They want our money thats it. Worst COD ever. Its a shame to let us play on this condition.

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            If it comes with the same crap again I'll either play something totally different or get another subscription for a Black Ops 1 server.

            This rewind time whatever doesn't make any sense and simply kills all the fun in online multiplayer.

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              Sometimes when I meet such guys and check the in game ping times, everybody has sub 80ms, then in my mind without any lag comp, the max delay should be 80ms. So either these players have a strange internet connection that in game after game is able to fool the lag comp system or they are actively doing something to cheat. The solution in my mind is then having two kind of servers one for people with decent internet connection, that kick anybody who tries some kind of trick, and another kind of servers for those with strange internet connection that gives them such advantage.

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                While what you are describing is definately a latency issue, sometimes you will be losing gunfights and swear that you must be lagging but what really is happening is that the other guy just has a superior class setup.  I've found many times that guys that I couldn't kill no matter how much I shot first in a head to head battle could be killed easily if I just switched my weapon/setup over to what they were using.  It didn't always make sense why that switch would work but often it did the trick.  It's as if certain guns are just hot at different times.  Not that there is a shred of proof to back that up but sometimes that's just how it seems.

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                  Try killing the Semi-Invisible Man with a high ping and I'm assuming here terrible frame rates. It's impossible to kill someone that is in one place and less than a second later 10' to the right or the left meanwhile shooting you for your guess is a good as mine until they reappear.


                  Some have suggested this is some new hack, but hell if I know what it is more than unfair and totally annoying.


                  I've had some lags in lobbies where my normal 50-70 ms ping turned into a 400-450+ ms ping and I've staggered backwards all while trying to move forward. My only guess there was some douchebag was IP Flooding me; rolling my IP address and restarting the game fixes it.

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                      A DoS on a single person in a game?

                      Unlikely I guess, but yeah 2 members of a team that played a tournament also resigned in final overtime(!!!) because they said they were DoSed :/.


                      Easy to do nowadays anyway lol.

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                          I own a Data Center, I can easily do all sorts of 'fun' things to folks PC's remotely.


                          All I know is going from a low ping to the moon and back ping something was going on. Rolling my IP eliminated the problem. It could just as easily been a server/router issue. Today I had Verizon replace my home service box and splitter.


                          Most DoS attacks are done remotely so it's takes a few seconds to arrange, so if a player was doing something you'd have to watch Theater and see if the corresponding time-out on their end corresponds to a DoS on yours.


                          It just was really weird. However, I've seen Semi Invisible players more than once, and I've seen pogo stick pings with other players.

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                        Just fought versus a team of Americans with 200-300 ping range. It felt like I had a 2 second delay of what happened ingame.


                        Thanks again Treyarch. Wonderful netcoding and sh!t.