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    Might be the last game i buy


      After what has been going on with the Activision servers on BO II, i dont know if I should get this game. It looks good, and this problem might only happen once in 5 years, but still. And this is also made by infinity ward, and MW3 was a huge blow out, so I hope they learned their lesson. Making the dog a main thing is cool, but i mean next thing you know there gonna have a dog mode where you a dog killing off other dogs or humans. This might be the last game i think about, while GTA V and Battlefield 4 are my main games im getting. I hope this game does well, but i think i'll get it when its about $30 on amazon, if it turns out good.

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          I feel the same way BO2 was awful and still is. But I'm going with PS4 and will give the OG's at Infinity Ward the benefit of the doubt.

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            I think that if IW actually can make this game more challenging then I would enjoy it more than any previous COD game.  I am just tired of pubstomping and want to have an actual challenge without people quitting out before the game even starts.


            A TrueSkill ranking system will be the best move for CODG in my opinion, because it will bring something different to the table other than the same game that is released every year with different weapons, maps, and perks.

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                OMG its about time someone said this. No more noob-friendly ****. We need more of a challenge, skill gap, ranking system, and everyhting else that has been affected by noob-friendliness over the past CODs. Put spawns back to where they were...only spawns that make sense...and if you get **** on and cant leave spawn...tough ****....maybe just play custom games with bots. Sorry for the rant but this is 100% the reason why COD is as stale as a 5 year old potato chip.