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    COD ghosts PS4 vs Xbox One

      Previous entries in the Call of Duty series appear to favor the Xbox in terms of quality, either the fps is higher or the textures are sharper, it always seems to run/play better on Xbox. I'm hoping PS4's architecture will bring all three versions PC,Xbox One and PS4 within the same line. Any thoughts?

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          Re: COD ghosts PS4 vs Xbox One

          The developers (especially of this franchise) will persevere with the Microsoft bias, but when the PS4 turns out to be the better bet, they will be concerned they have backed the wrong horse


          There is more to gaming than one franchise, there is also more than one console. The obvious xbox bias makes me laugh, if anything it makes me more determined to be a PlayStation player.


          I think Ghosts will be good on PS4, if not there is always Destiny.

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              Re: COD ghosts PS4 vs Xbox One

              Considering the Ghosts for the Xbox One may have dedicated servers then the better bet would be with Microsoft.  Heck even Battlefield 4 will have exclusive content for the Xbox. 


              I am buying a Xbox One so this is all good news for me.  I also heard from reliable sources that the Xbox One may have a 12GB DDR3 upon release...even though it is just a rumor, it could be true.

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              Re: COD ghosts PS4 vs Xbox One

              chances are activision will invest more in xbox1 development than PS4, and teh consuls are close enough power wise that teh xbox1 should benefit more from the extra development than the PS4 from the small extra power difference. both should run the game with improved graphics


              last gen will probly favor xbox360 over PS3 except the difference will probly be much more noticable.


              next gen will likly run at 1080p+60fps simply becausue its not a very demanding game graphicly, and i doubt IW will push that.


              there is a decent chance the next gen version will be nothing more than a upresed versions of the 360 version, spicialy considering making next gen looking games will rarly be profitable untill 1-2 years into the gen.


              wiiU(wildcard/yes its confirmed) should be capable of 1080(nativet)p+60fps 360 upres(without the added features/effects likly added to PS3/360 version), it is also very unlikly IW will put in the money or effert to do this but wiiU also has better kits and xbox1 version(which is closer archteculy than 360) version to port so will most likly maintain a 60fps at a subHD res upscaled to HD, if its 720p/sub 60fps then its a copy paste with no effert to make it run.


              all next gen versions should support higher res textures, ect. the extra ram will probly not reach the full 7 usefull gigs so they may preload maps, andn use some of the other cores to improve theater mode.

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