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    End of the transit Crew?(Spoiler)

      How can we assume that this is the end of the transit crew? After Maxis EE he tells the transit crew that he will destroy the world which makes me think that they will b back to stop Maxis a person that they thought they could trust. And in the Rictofen EE he takes control of Samuel, but doesnt seem to want to kill the other members of the transit crew and evens says something like that he will let Samuel do as he wants he will just b in his head. In both EE the transit crew live on its not like they are stuck under ground they have a teleporter right there in the backyard to get out of the Buried underground.


      My thoughts is that in the final DLC we will get both crews one setting up something in the Real WOrld(transit crew(with Samtofen)) and the other crew in the Aether(old crew(with RictoSam)), I think that we will get the option to choose wat we want to be right at the begining of the game.


           So wat do u guys think, do you think that the transit crew will b coming back? or do u think they will just kill them off and never finish there story?