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    Average age of a gamer

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          1. Re: Average age of a gamer

          Average age of a consumer in a game shop ??



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            2. Re: Average age of a gamer

            this is most likely mom or dad buying games for the kids...

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              3. Re: Average age of a gamer

              No the survey read that the gamers of old, ie me, and people from my era, have now grown up to 30/40 and with the recession and things going through the roof pricewise, and wages staying the same, more and more of our era are taking gaming as a their primary hobby. Its not possible to go out every night as it once was, plus work seems to get harder, etc etc and its a nice easy cheap option. Also a vast amount of people play with their kids. I only know 3 guys I work with who game, and all 3 play with their kids, 2 play blops 2, the other plays everything possible.

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                4. Re: Average age of a gamer

                The question now is: Will this age go up or down in the future?

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                  5. Re: Average age of a gamer

                  Well most of us never quit gaming to begin with. I'm 31 in a month or so, been at it since Atari and NES. Haven't read the article but I wonder if they asked whether the games were being bought for the person making the purchase or if they were for their kids or whatnot. Either way, the ages of gamers will only grow, hell these games are getting bigger than movies at this point, quit a few games have actually been made into movies for that matter.

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                    6. Re: Average age of a gamer

                    They said that there`s far more underage people buy 18 rated movies than games.

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                      7. Re: Average age of a gamer

                      It will have a plateau where it`ll stop ascending as older gamers cant play anymore, but who knows what that age is? Im 37, and I know there`s guys on here in there 50s still playing cod.


                      Personaly i`ll play till I suck at it, as I play for fun and to level up, and once I struggle i`ll quit. It suits my lifestyle, as I have a FT job, and 3 kids, so squeeze in games inbetween chores and stuff - also my wife is a schoolteacher and spends many evenings working, leaving me free to game. I cant see things changing for the next 8-10 years as my youngest has only just turned 7, and my wife still has 25+ years to work, as do I , well ive more like 30


                      Value wise I think, as a parent, gaming is the best value for money out there. I can pick up black ops 2 for £40 on release, and i`ll play it pretty much every day (apart from holidays) for a year! Yet I go on a night out to the boozer, and I`ll spend £80 and then its gone forever.


                      I guess gaming can be expensive if you buy every new release and play many many games,but I only play cod, and a little mario, so with no online fee, its happy days.

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                        8. Re: Average age of a gamer

                        I grabbed mass effect. It's pretty cool but the cutscenes or whatever can be a bit long. Think the graphics are much nicer than ac3 or anything else I've seen though.

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                          9. Re: Average age of a gamer

                          I didnt like it as it wasnt wiimote compatible. Im all about cod im afraid to say. It gets me salivating, I just love the franchise - I quit gaming about 10 years ago, and then stumbled on elpresador, then borrowed my mates copy of WAW and he lent me his gun case, never looked back since. I dont mind mario U either , with my little girl. Its damm frustrating though

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