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    Optic Rampage RECRUITING--PS3 ONLY!

      Optic Rampage is a sort of new clan that is willing to lower its requirements to get more and more members, in other words, WHO FxCKING CARES ABOUT K/D LOL! I had to kick the whole clan though because NO ONE was active and did clan ops! But so far we have 8 people back in and ready to crush clans in clan ops!! The only requirement I have now is the following




      Sounds simple enough right?? Lol wrong, i let people in the clan them as soon as they're in the de-friend me and do not participate in ANY clan ops! So I am asking calmly to please be active lol! Uhm I'll post a link to our clan below and if you have any further Q's MSG me via PSN(Boost09)or reply back on here!! Thanks for your time and interest in OpRp and hope to have ya beside me in the clan! Oh and we also have a Clan Enjin Website coming up in November(when PS4 comes out!)



      Our Link: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/8403454