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    What is the point! I don't get it.

      Weekends seem the worse but it also happens during the week. Snipers with tac not playing objectives just trying to get kills. Worst part is 99% of them just suck. They don't even go positive.


      Shotguns is another problem. Why are you running around on turbine with a shot gun. Are you that stupid or that bad?


      Correct me if I'm wrong but there are three main components to this game.  Winning, getting your scorestreaks, and trying to keep a positive K/D, oh and having fun. Yes I fool around with my friends and go mad negative sometimes but I know they are behind trying to win. If I notice we are having trouble  I stop fooling around and pull up my tryhard pants and help them.


      Its almost like youtube ruined this game due to everyone trying to get a kill cam so they can post it. Or the endless amount of Faze and optic wannabees trying to quick scope.


      Its almost impossible to play this game by yourself, Put a team together and you can destroy people all night cause all they are doing is trying to quickscope, shotgun or get a cool kill cam.

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          i agree with the sniper's(Q'S) but shotguns are really hard to use .


          K/D dosent mean that your a good player or a team player , it means nothing , only to those little spawnkilling freaks .


          you do need a team to do well in this game but its not needed tbh. , i play solo and i do fine its my sendond reset on this game still having fun.

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            quickscoping is the problem here in BO2

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              There are not any main concepts. Winning is not required to play the game it is a bonus. Earning streaks and leting them do half the work is not required, earning the kills your self with your weapon is far better. Dont need a positive k/d especiallyi if playing obj games like hardpoint or dom where k/d takes second seat to the obj.


              Fun is the only needed thing and fun comes in many different flavors that is different for every person playing the game and not really ever the same for everyone in a single lobby at the same time and never will be.

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                  I wasn't trying to say quickscoping is a problem or shotguns. More along the lines that the amount of people that do it and just suck.


                  I play solo a lot also but I try to play the game mode as for the other players on my team our probably trying to win.


                  I guess what I am saying is they should play FFA if you want to be an epic fail of a quickscoper.


                  K/d does matter. Yes you have to play the objective and yes i will go mad negative myself sometimes but getting killed a lot gives the other team a huge advantage scorestreak wise.

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                  sounds about right, people doing what ever it is they wish (bad or good).

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                    Just to be fair, I have used a shotgun in Dom on Turbine MANY times and both come out on top of the boards as well as getting the win. It can and is done but you have to have a game plan and a bit of map management skill.


                    Having said that, the "snipers" are rampant right now (school out?) and I agree, most are absolutely horrible. I also don't understand why they don't just hop in FFA where nobody cares how poorly they do other than themselves; I think I just answered my own question there....