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    Why are there so many hackers on Black Ops II PS3?

      It's becoming quite ridiculous --- I'd say at least 6 out of 10 games I play, someone is running around killing everyone, clearly using aimbot. I watch the killcam and they kill one person, and then quickly turn around (too fast for the Dualshock 3 to be able to do unless sensitivity was on max) and is 100 % perfectly accurate in killing them, and then turns to the left to kill me 100 % accurately. They know exactly where we are and sit in one corner (especially in Nuketown) turning far too fast for a controller to be able to do. Even if they had the sensitivity on max, it is virtually impossible to be that accurate. Sometimes they go as far as super jumping and having camos that were cut from the game on their weapons. I've played the Xbox 360 version before and guess what? No hackers. Everything was fine. Why does Activision put more effort into the Xbox 360 version and forget that there are three other platforms they have to attend to? Nearly every game I play I'm clicking "Report Player" and even then I run into more and more.

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