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    Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

      Please no arguing or other things.


      First: The Maps


           I love small maps. Call of Duty is supposed to be a fast paced game with action in yor face. The maps in the game are great size. Some of them cold have a better layout, but overall the maps are really good. In my opinion, some of the best maps ever made are in this game. Standoff, Raid, and Cove.


      Second: Gun Balance


           Ever see an MLG event for this game? You see SMGs, Assault Rifles, LMGs, Snipers, and Shotguns. Think back to the first Black Ops. It was basically just Famas, Famas, Famas. Great gun balance in this game. Every gun has a playstyle you can dominate with.


      Third: Pick 10 System


           It has added variation to classes which makes more variation in Multiplayer games. It has made secondaries more powerful as the should be. A wide variety of perks are being used. Some fit a rushing clas, others a less agressive playstyle, or even both. It also rewards people or have more intelligence of the game.


      Fourth: Competitive Play


           League Play is a great addition. If you're all about the win and don't want people messing up the game for your team League Play is the place for you. Competitive Play is now getting more and more popular. Anyone see MLG Anaheim? Dwight Howard, De Bryant, and Ty Lawson were there.


      Great work Treyarch on a great Call of Duty.

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          1. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

          Well you listed the pros of the game, but unfortunately the cons far outweigh just these 4 points. I won't go into detail because you can find them on the other countless threads.

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            2. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

            No Arguing eh?


            All your points with the exception of the pick 10 system are pretty much what makes this the worst COD ever.


            Small maps are fine. But give us small maps without all the headglitching spots to take cover as people spawn. or fix the broken spawn system all togther.


            Gun balance.Yeah ok. Lets see what we got on balance...Quickscoping, MP7, scorpion SMG's that destroy at long distance, Oh my favorite because i use it like a cheap hooker, The Target Finder LMG class. Yes it is cheap but i dont care. Did we mention pistols that do more damage per bullet even at distance that should make a assault rifles blush? Shall i go on?


            Pick 10 system is fine and have no issues.


            Leauge play, LOL LOL LOL. Tell you what when you find it competitive, please call me.

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              3. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

              mp7 and scorpion are good at range becasue people burst fire them just like i do , so no there no op ,.

              as for QSing its op its just abusing the aim assist in the game.

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                4. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                LOL i have never seen someone burst fire a SMG. Not one killcam that i can ever remember has shown that.

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                  5. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                  really all i saw at MLG was treyarch on their coattails only listening to them for what needs to be fixed in LAN connections not online connections.

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                    6. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                    You lost me at the maps. BO2 easily has the worst maps of any COD. Of the launch maps, I only play Standoff and sometimes Raid, if any other launch map comes up, I find a new lobby. Of the DLC maps, Magma is probably the worst map of all time. Vertigo and Hydro are right behind it. Detour looks like it will be there too. The Uplink reskin is pathetic, bring in some new computers and have a storm wash the snow away, new skin!

                    Oh and MLG and the focus it is receiving is doing nothing but harm to the overall game. All Treyarch cares about is LP and Zombies, they have done nothing to improve BO2 for 99% of the playerbase. But yeah, lets keep giving LP updates, and drive players away.

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                      7. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                      You sir are a man who I would like to have a drink with. Cheers to those points made.

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                        8. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                        Point 1 is gibberish sorry. Maps are small, which leads to awful spawns. That and they all follow the same boring 3 route with a centrepiece formula.


                        Agree on 2&3, no opinion on 4.


                        Not the best, but a lot of positives.

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                          9. Re: Why This Is the Best CoD Yet

                          I have played Blops 1 /MW3 and Blops 2 online and Blops 2 is the winner by a large margin.

                          My only complaint is quickscopers but even they barely detract from a great game.

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