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        20. Re: Bring back diversity

        ghamorra wrote:


        Run and Gun is killing this game because they're not making plays. They sprint around the map expecting the enemy to jump into their crosshairs. Nearly every R&G player trades a kill for a death and usually finishes with the far more deaths as their slower teammate. There's no throttle with R&G, they go full speed and pay little attention to what's around them. This is why people camp. It's easy to hide in the shadows and get kills because rushers haven't the slighest clue what's around them.


        If this game is centered around the rushing style then I see this title failing harder and faster than ever before. Call of Duty needs balance and the community needs to stop being so selfish.

        Run and Gunners (guys who just constantly rush into the enemy spawn and all over the map) more often than not get their teamates killed by flipping spawns, causing the enemy to spawn behind a teamate who may have just spawned, or stopped to reload, or call in a streak. etc etc....most deaths seem to come from being shot in the back in recent CODs

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          21. Re: Bring back diversity

          Then again, having a fair CoD with maps designed for all players would be too much to Ask.


          Think of the MW2 those were designed for all players and it was amazing.

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            22. Re: Bring back diversity

            Run and gunners/rushers cause so many problems...NOT!  LOL.

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              23. Re: Bring back diversity

              There are many maps that "cater" to every playstyle.  If you cannot play your playstyle successfully then that is all your fault not the games fault.

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                24. Re: Bring back diversity

                In Black Ops 2, the spawns filp so much on you that if you say, snipe and don't move after 20 seconds someone spawns about 6 feet away and kills you. That didn't happen in any previous CoDs.


                Honestly you're just trying to push your playstyle on everyone else instead of having a diverse game, you'd like a run and gun CoD and only that, evidently you don't appreciate diversity.


                I'm therefore going to not even attempt to debate with you as evidently you're aren't going to even remotely shift your view point.

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                  25. Re: Bring back diversity

                  Exactly, Ghosts could work if it ripped of MW2 and made the maps around the same size.

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                    26. Re: Bring back diversity

                    I agree, Me and my team held back and I the spawns didn't flip and we won the game

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                      27. Re: Bring back diversity

                      Your evidence is a domination game on nuketown, you're aren't serious right? Nuketown spawns are crazy as its an ultra small map.


                      Try a map like Meltdown, that's a perfect example

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                        28. Re: Bring back diversity

                        how can you defend it in general, the only improvement is UAV takes more kills to get. you also dont understandn the difference between run'n'gun and stealth playstils. BO2 was the second quickest cod for me to get bored of, MW3 was the first. UAV needed the nerf overall alot more than ghost.


                        UAV at 3 kills or 300-350 points should work for only 1 player. UAV at 600 should work for the whole team, CUAV should cost around 550.

                        Last Edited: Jul 5, 2013 10:08 PM
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                          29. Re: Bring back diversity

                          T-boss wrote:


                          UAV at 3 kills or 300-350 points should work for only 1 player. UAV at 600 should work for the whole team, CUAV should cost around 550.

                          I wouldn't mind the UAV only working for me, but it is up to the developers to make that change.  Other than that stealth perks shouldn't have an extreme advantage over other perks in its slot.  Ghost was perfectly balanced in BO2. 

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