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    Prestige Master Fresh Start

      Everyone keeps saying if you have no Prestige tokens you can't fresh start as a PM. Well....I just did it last night? Everytime i prestiged I used my tokens. Now, I know I had none but some people said you shouldnt even have the option, others said they had the option but couldn't use it. So care to explain how I was able to?

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          I am a PM and have the option to Fresh Start as well.


          I hadn't used a token for a while as I unlocked the 5 extra class slots with tokens initially and then didnt use them since. But I had also read that it wasnt possible once you become a PM, maybe they changed it in a patch or something.


          Either way, I just cant bring myself to losee the already earned Diamond camos as well as all the work I have put in to other weapons!

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              hmmm u know what I am trying to think maybe i did have a token or two. I perm unlocked 2 or 3 guns, a perk, and the 5 cac's would leave 1. but i highly doubt i had one left lol idk.

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                  the permanent unlocking of guns or perks was a separate token from the fresh start / addition class slot.


                  If I remember correctly, you got one token each prestige for three options, unlock an extra class slot / fresh start / and something else I cant remember. Pretty certain I only ever used them to unlock one of the preset class slots for a custom slot each time, and then I would also permanently unlock a perk or gun each prestige aswell.


                  All I know is it just doesnt seem worth it for me to fresh start now, too much time put in already, and I'm happy with where I am at... I never even had a positive KD in BO1 or MW3!

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                I reset from master at the weekend, pretty sure I had tokens left as I only remember using the first five on extra CaC slots.