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        40. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

        I know I can make it more challenging but now you're going to have all the mediocre zombie players going back to Die Rise and Tranzit again. Now when they go down most likely they will just back out. How about instead of making maps more easier they can make 2 and 3 player lobbies instead of having to go onto another account. Better yet if someone backs out it should still count. Those are way more important then these features that bring back more rage quitters.


        Plus the new Ray Gun doesn't even have a side effect. At least with the old one you had splash damage and it wasn't good on 40's. Now the new Ray Gun can take you to the 60's and is even easier to use. Ever since Call of the Dead ( When they offically made a zombie team ) most of the maps suck and are made way too easy for a average noob to get to the 20's.



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          41. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

          Yeah it is.... I just picked 300 because it would be impossible, hence hard... Haha :-)

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            42. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

            This is evident in the fact that a lot of people on my friends list have obscenely high rounds on 2,3 or 4 player leaderboards for Tranzit, Die Rise or MotD, yet these same players have relatively mediocre scores set on the BO1 maps.


            My scores on bo1 are mediocre but the Bo1 leaderboards DON'T save when I play so I don't know what I'm supposed to do about that.


            I feel like these people on the forums who complain about being stuck on crossbones or something. It is BS and zombie elitism is really upsetting in this situation. I've gotten talked crap to MANY times in lobbies over it and it's garbage.

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              43. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

              the new ray gun was made to be powerful, its side effect is that it isnt insta kill, no maps have a proper WW  besides the current ray gun, we have buildable cr*p but thats it, plus its a DLC weapon which were paying extra for, they cant just expect us to buy another SMR or war machine

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                44. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                I agree, but my point was more to do with the difficulty in the BO1 maps, when compared to the BO2 maps.


                Most people on my friends list who have a 50+ on co-op leaderboards tend to have a 30+ co-op on BO1. This, I find tends to be down to map difficulty, as opposed to a players skill.


                There is several players though who DO have respectable BO1 scores, so it is not a flame on everyone, more so a flame of the Dev's for making the maps a lot easier.


                Kino or Der Riese are easy enough maps, but are clearly more difficult to navigate on round 30+, when compared to say, well... pretty much any of the BO2 maps!


                Even NTZ is easier than Kino, and that is by far the toughest map on BO2. Farm and town I do not count, because I do not really view them as seperate entities from Green Run (Tranzit).

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                  45. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                  tbh i think kino is easier than trashtown, jug wont always come early and to me trashtown was designed in format of town etc as you can customize options, where as main official maps, only the difficulty can be changed

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                    46. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                    Yeah, it probably is, what with the Thundergun and sh*t. Still, excluding NTZ and the smaller, non-maps in Green Run, the point still stands.


                    Most maps on BO1 are much more difficult than than those on BO2, and this is reflected by the scores some people can register when playing co-op.


                    Moon and Ascension are clearly very easy maps, but I still find them more challenging than say Tranzit, Die Rise and MotD.


                    This is in no way me being disrespectful to the individuals I refered to who have lower scores on BO1 though. I too am one of these players who have vastly superior scores on BO2, although my BO1 scores are not too bad.


                    It is more that the maps and training areas are smaller and tighter than the BO2 maps, so this tends to show up in players scores.

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                      47. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                      Well since we're paying for another Ray Gun then I hope we can pay for two old maps to return for the last Map Pack. Since both Summit and Firing Range came back as MP maps I want Der Riese ( For Sure ) and then I want either Kino Der Toten or Verruckt ( Upgraded with new perks).


                      ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                        48. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                        In my book, no they are not. Kino and Der Reise are just as easy.

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                          49. Re: New bank way to overpowered [read]

                          How so? In Die Rise and Tranzit you can get all your perks/weapons/buildables by Round 1. While in Kino and Der Riese you have to wait a good 3 - 5 Rounds to get Jug but its better getting the bowie knife to get points then buy Jug. Plus Tranzit is king of the black ops 2 kiting and Die Rise has a way better Buildable. Plus the special rounds go by fast and you get a free perk.


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