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    CoD Ghosts wishlist?

      I hope that this new game does not have scorestreaks like BO2. I also hope that Infinity Ward will add a lot of new weapons and bring back a lot from past games. DLC weapons like Battlefield 3 and BO2 would also be awesome. What do you guys want in CoD Ghosts???

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          Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

          Let's see some larger maps like WaW style. These games are becoming progressively more chaoctic and thoughtless and it becomes a bore. I enjoyed the slower pace of the earlier CoDs like BO, WaW, and prior.


          Please include a healthy dose of AR-15 series rifles. The m27 is simply inadequate by itself for a shooter.


          Absolutely no camera compensation.

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            Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

            How about we have some weather-changing maps, maps at different times of day, maps with more entry points, larger maps with high arial view and more destruction both by default and player actions?

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              Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

              I like to see something where i can select what my fav maps are so i get matched to them maps all the time or most the times, like in call of duty 2 (first cod on 360)

              Also like to see well id like it to be gone is the quick scope crap, nothing pisses me off more than shooting someone close or long range first to be taken out with 1 shot, left trigger right trigger bang. Theres no skill in it. Hate it so much that if anything like it is in the game i will not buy or even play the game. Bring it back like cod4. Every body should pull thier sights up at the same rate without there been a perk for it.

              Also region select is another issue id like to play with gamers from uk only, reason been is that uk connections (isp) are rubbish for online gaming and at the moment thanks to mw3 removing the region select i get matched with germans and gamers from spain, now dont get me wrong yeah we should expand our playing field and playing with others from around the world but id like that option.

              Bigger maps are a must. A couple of places where you can acutaly hide your body while calling in a kill streak, bit like mw2.

              The spawns need a good fixing, nothing worse than killing a guy in front of you only to be killed from behind by him/her you just killed.

              If i think of any thing eles i'll be back.

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                Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                i would like to see explosive sturcture damage, when i throw a gernade in the top floor of a building, it would simlpy blow up that room not the entire building just the room i threw it in. then after like idk 3-4 explosives it destroys the building completely. I would also like to use or scores that we aquire in the game from capturing objectives, kills assit etc. to open up doors and access other buildings that are closed up like on COD: zombies. Another idea would be to have like a grappling hook so you could access the top of buildings, cause really the maps size of COD isnt the problem its the area where you are fighting, say your playing domination you obligated to just go to A B or C, sure you dont have to but thats where the hot spots are. which brings me to another idea/wishlist, random objectives points, why are they always in the same place. no spawn killin to cause that just FU*KS peoples K/D.

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                  Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                  Well, I just want dedicated servers and regular servers that we have now. Everything in the game is fine. Every COD is different but AMAZING. I just want to see Throwback MAPS and Smaller Maps in MAP Packs

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                    Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                    Juggernaught- Extra hp
                    Stopping power- Extra dmg
                    Bring back the "strength perks" getting tired of stealth n speed

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                      Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                      Personally I am hoping for better sound quality. In Modern Warfare III I could easily hear players running and know the general direction from where they’re coming from while in Black Ops II even with perks it was nearly pointless to even try as it was so feint in comparison.


                      I know this may come off cheap but I’m really hoping Call of Duty: Ghosts has some items similar to

                      Black Hat” – really enjoyed this; saved my life countless times in Black Ops II.

                      Millimeter Scanner” – can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this attachment.


                      Perhaps this is wishful thinking but I’d like to see “Iron Sight” customization.


                      Things I really hope that DON’T make it into Call of Duty: Ghosts are…

                      • Quickscoping
                      • Tactical Insertion
                      • Recycled maps from previous Cod’s
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                        Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                        Why does everybody seem to hate on quickscoping?

                        I love quickscoping and I respect the people who took the time to master it.

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                          Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?


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                            Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?



                            A different progression leveling system.  No more prestiges.

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                              Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                              bring something diffrent then the M4s or Scars. like RK 62, M8, Valmer M82, Vepr or something like that.

                              New level system

                              ******* innovation! take risks! we would be happy if you would take risks and do something new!

                              Support sniping instead quickscoping!

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                                Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                                1. Allow player to REMOVE knife and/or prone from the sticks. Nothing worse when I'm trying to quickly aim my weapon when I suddenly prone or knife; which always leads to a death. It's stupid they didn't give this choice from the beginning.


                                2. Don't punish people for leaving a match unless IW is sure that lag isn't the issue. Which it usually is.


                                3. Kick campers. Unless you're defending a flag your team has captured, there's no excuse to camp.


                                4. Stop nerfing weapons unless they're clearly over powered compared to their real world versions.


                                5. Stop making over-powered shotguns.


                                6. Make Prestige more attractive. Try giving me a new weapon. Simply giving me an extra loadout slot and a wonky looking icon next to my gamertag is not enough.


                                7. Stay on top of lag comp. Don't drag your IW butt when there are lag issues, like 3arch has been doing with BO2.

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                                  Re: CoD Ghosts wishlist?

                                  I would love to see following features in COD Ghosts:


                                  1 Combat Training like in Black Ops 1 / with prestiging


                                  2 Silmilar to MW3 style killstreak system, where you could set up different killstreaks to a different class


                                  3 Similar to MW3, improved / support / assault / specialist / killstreak system


                                  4 Predator Missile , Chopper Gunner and dogs killstreak


                                  5 More guns / this is fps / I need more guns

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