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        i guess it is easier for when you join during the game, never thought of that. But i was kinda disappointed really, cause nvr was a fan of the bank or the fridge (just as others said made it to easy and took out any challange early rounds). Ill probs only be using those for easter eggs

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          I really do not understand why people are so obsessed with zombies being too easy or too hard. I mean, who cares? Fun is subjective, if players find a zombies game too easy and they find it fun, then let those type of players enjoy it. If players find a zombies game too hard and they find it fun, then let those type of players enjoy it.


          I never saw the point in taking out stuff to make a game harder to be honest, I think zombies should just be a fun game mode without worrying of people trying to make it too hard or easy.

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            Die rise! Thank you treyarch for being soo awesome. You made a great map even better! Now just fix the lag haha

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              Lol.... I too, laugh when people say its too easy... NEWS FLASH- ZOMBIES IS UNBEATABLE. It's too hard for anyone... Jesus could not beat this game- because it never ends.  The only difference between the maps is what round becomes unbearable for the player. For some that round 10. For others it's round 100.  Whoever says it's too easy, please get to round 300 on die rise and show us how easy it is. :-) xxx.... It's OBVIOUS that the bank is put into the game to get the players setup faster, because the first 15 rounds can be boring as hell.  I sometimes cringe at the thought of starting all over with the damn pistol after a 25+ round game.  The bank makes it infinitely more fun. :-)

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                Tone513 wrote:


                It won't be as big a deal if people shoot during minion rounds and I think it makes public games more playable for the more hardcore zombie players.



                Amen to that!  How many games have I played where someone shoots during the very first minion round..... or worse.... grabs a Trample Steam part and then runs off to hump the box without putting the part on the table.  At least now I can grab my knuckles and 3 most important perks right off without coming unglued over the TS not being built by the first minion round.


                Also.... for those who think it's too easy, think about this.... they put bank/fridge in a bad (or good depending on your view) spot.  Sure, it's easy in the beginning of the game but if someone bleeds out and comes back in a new round... they aren't just going to be able to saunter over there to fetch their gun without a care in the world.  The spot is tight and it's going to be tough if they want to go that route

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                  i think those early rounds are more fun because not haveing perks and good guns makes the game more interesting and intense.


                  yes it is unbeatable, but playing motd to round 30+ waiting for the game to get difficult is just way to boring and time consumeing, so thats why i would like a more difficult map.

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                    Isnt the max round in the coding 214?


                    Just sayin....

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                      Again what you're saying is subjective and we all have different taste, but there is no reason to take something out of zombie just because it makes it too easy. I mean, who cares if it is overpowered, right? I mean either way you're going to die.

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                        They did make a good map even better with the addition of fridge storage and a bank.  If you think you don't need it, then don't use it.  I always wondered why they added something like this for only one map.


                        I got on this morning and added funds to my bank, but my question is are the Tranzit and Die Rise banks intertwined??  I could only add about 10k to my Die Rise bank and I thought that was weird. 

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                          Yeah, they are the same.