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    Corrupted Profile on CoD 4: Modern Warfare, and problems with Activision support.

      Hi, so does anybody know how I might be able to get my corrupted online profile for modern warfare fixed/reset?


      Extra Info:

      -I'm pretty sure I've been the victim of hacking/tampering, because all weapons & perks on my create-a-class are locked, and an image of the "M9" handgun is streched at an insufficiant resoloution across my primary slot, and there is also some strange red-text here and there that reads "UN-LOCALIZED".


      -I wouldn't mind so much, but I bought the game from a store for the first time 3/4 days before posting this, and after my first few games (as soon as I unlocked the option to create-a-class in fact) this happened, so a lack of support here really would make me feel I've wasted money on an un-supported Activison product.


      -Just to be clear here; I have not been knowingly collaborating, playing with, or turning a blind-eye to any hackers/tamperers prior to this, cheating in online play happens to be one of my "pet-peeves" and my hate is undying for individuals who troll and defile the otherwise sporting competitive community, and I report/file complaint accordingly when I witness something unmistakable.


      Problems With Activison Support:

      -I wouldn't have thought this would be Activision's area of jurisdiction, but Microsoft pointed me here, if I should infact contact someone else; please correct me.


      -Following advice from similar discussions I've found online, I have requested my stats for CoD 4 be re-set in the correct manner via Activison & Microsoft, in the hope this would default my online profile, and remove any modified code but after waiting the three days I was told to, in order to see some effect, I have been disappointed to find no reset, and still a damaged online profile.


      -The "Contact Us" section of the Activision support website forces you to select a game in order to make any form of contact, since CoD 4 is not listed or selectable here, one can only assume this is activision's way of saying "You're on your own, here on Mr.Paying Customer Sir".


      -Finally, sorry if this post is in the wrong place or somehow breaches ettiquette, but as a forum "noob" I found the cycle of pages one gets stuck in when trying to navigate Activison support, regarding one of their products that was not released in the last two-years, so unintuitive and frustrating I finally saw this as my only option.


      A Final Note If Anyone From Activision Is Reading:

      I don't mean to be rude, and can only imagine the challenges of policing an online community so large, and I understand how financially it's perhaps not so viable to constantly monitor and enforce smaller communities on some of the older releases, and this is after all a busy time (as always) for the CoD franchise, looking to the future, and perhaps not the past titles.

      But the bottom line is; I just want to play the game I bought a few days ago, and to maybe create a class on it would be swell. Even though I've never owned it, I have played CoD 4 and it is one of my favorite CoDs yet, and I have bought every other release since then, and still play Bo2 regularly. I wouldn't like to lose my faith in some of the responsibilities behind my favorite game franchise, and just because I may have no legal grounds to "force" someone to help me (no doubt because of whatever small print is in those user warranty and policy things I never read) doesn't mean I don't have a point. Afterall the servers are still up, and people still love it - the game that argueably started all the success CoD has seen in the 6 years since.


      So someone please Help me! Just wanna play some Search and Destroy with UAV Jammer and a silenced MP5, OMJ!

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          Hey there,


          Sorry to hear about the issues with your stats/classes in COD4! I understand the frustrations, you put a new game in, you want it to work!!!


          I am assuming you are playing on Xboox 360? Have you already submitted your account to our online COD4 reset tool?  If you haven't already, please do so - our technicians can attempt to recover your account. This process will wipe all data, starting you from scratch. I understand that you just started, and might not have many ranks or unlocks yet - just want to give you a heads up!


          If you are interested, check out this page for instructions: 


          https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Resetting-your-Call-of-Duty-4- Modern-Warfare-stats-for-Xbox-360


          And if you already have, you might try re-sumbitting your info.


          Also want to apologize for the difficulty you've had getting support!  We are available here on the forums, as well as Facebook and Twitter as ATVI Assist.  We do hope to get to you right away, so if you are not seeing us right away here, don't hesitate to hit up the Twitter and Facebook!


          Cool name by the way - Hatebreeder is an amazing album! \m/



          ATVI Assist


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            Hi OgresBurp,


            Just to say thanks for understanding my frustrations, I appreciate the advice and just being contacted in fact! It seems I formed some opinions about Activision's customer support a little too quickly perhaps, and my faith is somewhat restored by your speedy response and genuine interest so well done!
            I did post this discussion after already submitting my stat reset and waiting three days (as recommended) sadly to no avail, but I will do as you say and submit my information again and wait a while longer this time, I do think I've been a tad impatient regarding dealing with this matter.


            Either way, for the sake of readers who may experience similar issues, I'll update this discussion in a week with any progress, but if unfortunately there is none, I may bother you or one of your collegues again about the matter, but for now I feel as though I've been supported, so thanks.
            Finally, I "liked" your answer and marked it as correct, but if there is any other way I might give you positive feedback or improve your "rep" or whatever, please do let me know, I'm sure you deserve it, if only just for being an old-school Bodom fan!
            - ChildrenOfBoredom

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              ok activition, I have the same problem as 'boredom, yet it gets worse. Ive clicked the link you've directed us to in order to reset from scratch yet everytime I do,  nothing is happening I get some kind of navigation error and I can do no more. Please advise.