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    8 v 4 Glitch, happen often?


      So it wont let me attach an image, but i can link to it. Anyhow, i joined a friends session to see it ended up being 8v4 on HC TDM Hijacked today. This happen often?



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          Happened to my group on the last game we palyed tonight. We were on Plaza and my buddy points out that there are eight on our team and only four on the other. This has happened only one other time to me, but I have heard of it from other people. I seriously hope that they fix whatever is creating this mismatch because it is completely unfair to the team that is down.

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            i had a 7 v 4 tonight on hijacked tdm

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              It's happened to me a few times and I've always been on the 4 person team of course.  Each time it has happened was after a host migration.

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                Try league play if you think that's bad, tonight I was in a game where we started out 3 vs 4 right from the spawn and as soon as two of the 3 on my team realized that we was starting out down a person they also quit leaving me alone against a full team of 4.


                Try 6 rounds of S&D played 1 vs 4.


                I did the honorable thing and stuck out the game and ended up taking a -150 point hit to my Leage ladder ranking for that loss... Someone tell me that isn't the definition of a stupid design for how a Leage rank system should work and deal with people abandoning games.


                If you are not going to allow a way to forfit the game when your team is down members then at the very least those teamates who do the right thing and remain in a Leage game even when they are down a player vs a full team on the other side should NOT have ANY points removed from their ladder rankings if they loose.


                Tonight I played out 2 games where I was the ONLY remaining teamember vs a full team of 4, another 5 games where our side only had 2 vs a full team of 4, and yet another 6 games where we were 3 vs a full team of 4 ... and in all but 1 of those games i/we took a large hit to our Ladder ranking scores.

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                  LOL.. wait until you see the 8v2 matches.. those are just...stupid. it is weird glitch where friends join their friends session when there is spaces in the lobby because others left right as the game started and it parties them up with their friend instead of placing them on other team.


                  I have seen it happen a couple of times. I usually leave the match the moment it happens regardless of which team I am on.

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