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            THANKYOU!!!! i meen i hate the idea of atlantis being a map it would turn zombies into a total joke what if your sitting there talking to your gf...GF says "hey babe whatcha doin?" you say "uhhuhuhuhu playing atlantis dipshit" that wold be an overly positive prove point of you being gay or udderly stupid to the girl...

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              I dont like the Idea of atlantis map. It seems it would be complicated to get around the map.

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                I think its a geat idea. I see you gettin a bunch of negative feedback. Alantis would be a perfect place for a zombie map. It could happen too. I dont think it will, but could.. If you get a cup, and stuff a napkin or paper towel down in the bottom. turn the cup upside down and submerge it in water. It creates a pocket of air, the paper doesnt get wet. The same could go for a building or structure. Keep in mind the Atlantians were a much smarter race of people. They had technology that the world had never seen. Maybe the Tower Easter Eggs are all set forth to Rise Atlantis. Maybe Maxis knows this and is looking for the Technology. Surely if he has some kinda plan up his sleeve he gonna need help. You know Being that hes no longer with us. I think its a great idea. Although, keep in mind theres still some theories as to where Shangra La really is. Some say its on Mars, some say its just a Jungle. I think its Inner Earth. remember the storyline states that Richtofen made many trips to Shangra la. The people living there were living with a Race of people with Super technology. Richy came back with his Wonderweapons and defeated them, which is why the locals considered him a God, hence the shrine behind the PAP machine. Shangra La could very well be Atlantis. also dont forget.. Shang is filled..with Element 115..its everywhere. That alone proves that its not on earth, the Story says durring the Tunguska fragnments of 115 was spread out all over the globe. I seriously doubt that most of them landed in Shangra la. Like I said before.. We killed zombie on the fukin Moon, Sky is the fukin limit !!!

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                  The towers from the EE are to funnell elemental power to atlantis to make it rise, but since nobody really know where it is, the nav cards will show us???? 

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                    Could be.. I'll 2nd that.. Ever seen Tomb Raider.. where did Angelina ( mamasota ) find the Crystal that revealed the map to find Pandora box??? was it not in a Underwater temple. I remeber it getting flooded out, but wasn't flooded when she got there. again it was under water... One can only hope..

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                      and if you ever watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire you would see that it is not under water but in the middle of earth....so many possabilities.....so to all the people that think is has to be under water, you sir are the Stupid ones.....

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                        Benn confirmed this for "dlc 7"

                        If you couldn't tell already this is a joke

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                          hahaha Captain Planet.. oh sh!t Ol' Skool.. I guess that means we'll get a guest appearence from Whoopi Goldberg.. Awesome !!!