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        20. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

        whats the point in having it like moon, so instead of no gravity we'll have water, why not just release moon flooded with water

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          21. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

          THIS!!!!  Make it happen Treyarch we want Captain Planet dlc now!

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            22. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

            No. its not, get over it. It will not be, but probobly will be in the future due to how obssessed so many people are with the idea.

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              23. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

              I dunno guys. Anyone remember how everyone was going on about the last Black Ops DLC not being on the moon? About three weeks later we see that it is indeed a new map called Moon. It was brought up in Map ideas ever since we had that theory about that teddy bear on the moon that you could only see with an upgraded PTRS-40 scope. Or something like that... Point being we don't know what could happen.


              Hell they may pull that on us just cause we keep bringing it up. I usually tend to take most map theorys i see with a pinch of salt, but ive seen crazier stuff happen cause of things said on this forum...


              Just some food for thought...


              NOTE: It wasn't meant for you Sparkle or to repeat what you were saying lol. Just thought id put my two cents in, which i conviently noticed afterwords was mostly the same as what you said. Hahah. But yes im glad someone else is seeing through the madness.


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                24. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                And on a seperate note to the original post. Are you into that Illuminati stuff? Cause ive noticed your theory looks like it came straight from the Da Vinci Code. Granted a good theory, but just curious...

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                  25. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                  Let me just say that I love the Atlantis Idea, always been intrested in Atlantis.

                  This is not a pro or against reply, this is for all the people saying it would be dumb because its UNDER WATER.....


                  Atanlis is not always under water, if you watch movies you would know this.....Journey 2: The Mysterious Island; Atlantis: The Lost Empire


                  altough Atlantis: The Lost Empire would be like buried.....


                  Does't mean it will be underwater.......


                  Just my two cents......

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                    26. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                    Yeah but then still, on Moon there was low gravity. If you'll be able to go out into the water here, it'll be ******* annoying since you have to swim around all the time, and the zombies will come from every direction since they need to swim too. If you can't go out into the water, then whats the point in having a underwater map ?

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                      27. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                      Again that same logic you go out and swim, I really do not see how that is annoying, plus who said you're going to swimming all the time? It might just work like Moon for the the most part you were inside the Moon base (but had to be careful of destroying the windows). Personally I like the idea of the underwater map if they did a map on Moon, then I'd love to see what they can do underwater.

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                        28. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                        I mean, that I think the swimming would be very annoying, and honestly I don't see the point in a underwater map since it would be annoying to go out into the water. On Moon with the low gravity stuff it was harder to do a circle strategy, but underwater its just gonna be impossible since you and the zombies will be able to move in every single direction, and probaly will move quite slow.

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                          29. Re: DLC 4 IS ATLANTIS (READ)

                          more than likly its going to be the sunken city of paris...this is trollarc i can see them doing that.

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