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    I got kicked out of Hardcore SnD for killing an enemy?

      Ok, I was playing Black Ops II: Hardcore Search and Destroy on Drone, and I was going 9-1, It was the 4th round we were up 3-0, I found the second to last enemy on the team, snuck up behind him and shot him in the head with my Scar H with Red Dot and Select Fire. After killing him I instantly died and the Kill Feed said "Mistakes were made" then kicked me from the game! I had not shot a Teammate once in that game or any friendly equipments, so why on earth did I get kicked? I lost all EXP from the game as if I didn't even play it, but I have half of the game still in my recent games in theater. Has this happened to anyone else? This JUST happened to me and I feel like it's a big issue that needs to be addressed.  It is beyound me how or even WHY it happened!

      -6/26/2013 10:17 AM.