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    Support issues.

      Has the wii u support been dropped? Boosters are everywhere, the amount of awful players with nuke calling cards says a lot. I would also like to know why we havent gotten the patch we were told we would get? There are people reporting of a custom game glitch, we havent heard from devs for quite some time, have no word about ghosts even coming to the wii u, not to mention dlc.


      Just the other night i was in a match where the enemy team was moving very strangely, was very difficult to hit (i was using ksg getting hitmarkers without kills), and gameplay felt odd. It looked like they were lagging (teleporting) but were moving faster than myself and my team. At the end of the match i tossed an emp at the sentry gun they had on a jet and it had no effect. The entire last half of the match a demonic sound started coming through my headset, and then the sound from the sentry gun never stopped after the match, nobody mic'd in the lobby could hear or respond to eachother, and when i hit the home button on my gamepad my wii u froze and i had to unplug it.


      Any response is greatly appreciated as support for the wii u and wii u forums has clearly been dropped, thanks in advance.

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          Re: Support issues.

          Hi BobbyMcGee,


          Thank you for posting! We are sorry to hear about these frustrations that you and fellow Wii U users have encountered. At this time, we don't have any news on patch releases, but we will send up an inquiry and post any and all developments as soon as we can.


          Regarding gameplay anomalies, we will alert the appropriate teams to look into possible exploits on custom games. Now, let's turn to the match you described. Did you notice any oddly coloured text displaying during the match? Which game mode were you playing and on which map? How often have you come across this sound issue?



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              Re: Support issues.

              tdm on carrier. no odd text. this was the only time ive  encountered this sound issue. static howling sounds and the sentrey gun sounded distorted, and continued on after during and after the killcam right into the lobby.

              my last speedtest.net results were 22.17Mbps down, 1.39Mbps up, 26ms ping. nat is open.

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