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    hey treyarch why are u keep on ignoring us?

      Seriously why havent u guys responded to everyone on here reporting issues that keep on getting worse especially the lags,freezing issues from backing and rejoing parties,boosters,nerfing certain pistols cause they shouldnt be beating primary weapons at all and the ksg shotgun need to be nerfed big time it has a ridiculous range where ur not even that close to that guy u get droped by it from a long distance which i call bullcrap on.Also a certain friend of mine/xFallenx on here got banned for asking a simple question to the ps3/xbox community about u guys supporting those systems while we get shafted on the wii u and it seems to me u devs are wasting ur time banning people on here that didnt do anything wrong while u guys should be focusing on banning boosters which it hasnt been kept up on.I mean yes u should ban people that are rude and disrespectful on here but banning someone over asking a simple queston to fellow console gamers is plain wrong.

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