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    Very good Idea for DLC \ Microtransactions

      This is a message to Treyarch; please continue to bump this so that they see it. I discuss it over XBL, and a lot of people agree. I'm sure you and the people from Treyarch will too.


      We want you to put the older weapons, the weapons that are currently only available in the zombies game mode and campaign game mode, into multiplayer! Make it a DLC! You'll see a LOT of sales. There is plenty of strategic benefit to having them as well!


      If you don't know what weapons I'm referring to; AK-74u, AK-47, Galil, M60, M16A4, etc.


      • give them their own category (example, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and then DLC weapons)
      • bring in their camos (tiger, flora, etc)
      • bring in the traditional death machine a DLC scorestreak! Same with the traditional grenade launcher!


      People want this. If you can't bring in all of them, at least include some of the fan favorites, do another vote! You want to meet the audience's expectations and demands? Look on the forums! On YouTube!




      DLC Combat Knife Replacement -- the Galvaknuckles!

      (no more, for now!)