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    Trying to form a decent party



      I'm Max, and I'm a Mw3 player from the Netherlands.

      I consider myself a good player, my weekly/monthly k/d is always around 3.00, I rush around, and win 9/10 FFA's.

      The only thing actually missing, is a party to play with.


      I used to play with friends a lot, but since some of them stopped, and some of them like Bo2 and play that game, I'm playing solo a whole lot, and that doesn't make it easier. So I'm basically looking for some people to play with.


      You don't have to be that amazing pro, but it would be great if you;

      -Have a headset, and speak at least basic English, or Dutch.

      -Have weekly/monthly at least a +-1.5 k/d, and legit (no camping/glitching any of that stuff).

      -Have decent map awareness and spawn knowledge, so you don't ruin spawn traps. If you don't exactly know the spawns in Domination, I could explain them.


      I think playing with a team is easier, and above all, it's more fun.

      If you want to play with me, please add Xizoa on PSN. I wont dissapoint you ;D