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    Best internet for gaming?

      I'm looking to upgrade my internet from downright shite ATT DSL. Give me your thoughts on how your experience is with your provider or if you know someone who has good internet for gaming, or maybe a good alternative. Im in California so I don't have access to Google Fiber or FIOS from Verizon.

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          I live on the East Coast (Boston to be specific) but Comcast has been very good and reliable the last year or so.

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            The outcome should be interesting. Please come back and share your gaming experience after you improve your internet connection.

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              what package do you have threw uverse

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                Your probably better off with the crappy Internet for BO2, I have Verizon Fios and I get tons of lag. If you are upgrading for multiplayer games that run on dedicated servers then go with Fios, they are on the expensive side. By the way in DC.

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                  Best Internet speed for gaming is between 10-30 download and 1-2 upload.

                  You really don't need above 30 download. That's sufficient for video games and for multiple people on the same network. I have 20dn and 2up. I have no problem downloading big demos, updates or dlc or playing multiplayer. Everything is fast and I don't have a problem. I also have 3 other devices using the Internet at any given time and I don't have a problem. 20dn is sufficient for my needs. Hope this helps.

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                    Ping is what matters and how the ISP has the infastructure setup. Your best bet is to search locally for other gamers and find their thoughts on their current ISPs that you have access to.


                    Anything said here will be location specific and more than likely generalized or sensationalized over the internet. A prime example would be "Time Warner Sucks."


                    What matters for gaming is ping and THEN bandwidth.

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                      If you just want fast internet go ahead, but if it's to improve your cod performance, move on!

                      I got glassfiber cable leading to between 50-80 mb/s depending on time of the day and 4-5 mb/s upload and 80% of my deaths in cod are caused by lagg. Yesterday i shot a guy 2 times in the back from 2 meters with a ksg, he turned around and onehit me with an mp7. With my chicom, i shot a guy 24 times in the back at barrelstuffing range, i get koed by a random kid strolling by. I was using ghost and an unsilenced gun, so i snook up bhind a sniper, and attempting to stab him so my gun wouldt go off, i hit "o" and suddenly find myself teleported two meters to the side and getting quickscoped by the guy. Don't bother paying a lot of money fornimproved cod gameplay

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                        for every other video game fast download and fast upload are good.

                        i think 20 mb down and 2 mb up is fine.


                        for BO2 however , you are better off tapping Mcdonalds WIFI.

                        God mode kicks in then.

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                          Its nothing to do with your internet its the muppets at treyarch that have completely failed everyone there the ones that can make the changes but for some stupid reasons wont...... 80% of us have a crap unfair game..... Had a good months break from game when seeing the dlc trial thought id try it out jumped into game within minutes i was raging again.  I was getting insta killed one bullet death... But trying to kill anyone was impossible hit-marker after hit-marker nothing so i quit..... Jumped into hardcore domination was slightly better but the whole game is blighted with frigging Boosters... I caught 4 pairs of booster in 30 min off game play turned it of in the end.....

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                              Sounds familiar. I switch on, black ops 2, play two or three games. Each has either terrible lag and/or boosters. So I switch off and play something else. The days of good, enjoyable long sessions seem behind me, and that's a shame.

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                              I only have comcast.  It is the worst thing to happen.  It pulses.  Like it goes in and out.  It's not very good for anything.  In Utah.  Called them out to look at it (not just for games), saw there was an issue, left with "I don't know what to tell you."  Hmm.

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                                I have AT&T U verse. It's good when no one is on streaming Netflix. Dowload speed is decent.

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                                  i have time warner cable. the guy that hooked it up told me to expect poor signal quality. they have more people on in my area than the system was meant to handle.

                                  dont even want to play multiplayer with all these kids on summer vacation. the lag is insane. i'll double blast a camper with my shotgun point blank but the killcam shows the kid turning around and getting a one shot kill before i even fired once.