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    Other players are ahead of me?

      Wow, first time posting on these forums.  Do I get an in-game achievement for this as well? (Sarcasm).


      Anyways, down to the point.  I've recently noticed that while I have been playing online, many of the players are ahead of me.  Not ahead of me as in kdr or anything you may be thinking of, but ahead of me timewise.  Allow me to explain.


      What will happen is an opponent and myself will come around a corner at the same time, with me having my sights aimed down.  As soon as i see them, I shoot somewhere between 3-6 shots, and its shows that the shots hit them.  At the same time, the opponent only shoots once and (I do not suspect hacking, as this has happened to me many times recently, and the rest of the description proves why it isn't), ending with my opponent the victor of the gunfight (A.K.A., they kill me.)  But when I watch the killcam, it shows that my opponent actually shot 3-5 times, and I didn't start shooting until they had their 4th shot down.  On my side, it shows me being the quicker of the two, but in the actually game, they get the first few shots on me.


      I do not believe that this is the work of hacking, because my opponent has shown human error (such as running right past me without noticing at first, or completely missing the first few shots), and I'm pretty sure that Treyarch doesn't hate me.  So I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has this problem, or if I'm the only one out there.  If there is a fix to this, I'd appreciate the help, because it is a slight annoyance.


      Thank you for reading, and I hope you leave a response.

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          Re: Other players are ahead of me?

          On multiplayer, I ran into the same problem as you with most weapons, it gets worse then ping is bad.


          The most bothering is when using rocket launcher. Right before an enemy kills me, I fire a rocket launcher aimed at the UAV at the sky, it does rocket firing animation and sound but no rockets came out and UAV stays on the sky unharmed. Look at kill cam and it shows like if I didn't fire rocket launcher at all. Theater mode also say I didn't fire any rocket launcher at all.


          This may be a problem with client, server, and lag, doing gun fire sound and animation without waiting for the server to confirm you fired.


          A similar problem I also have, when aiming at the edge of moving teammates (with team killing = off), mostly for pistols and shotguns, I have some sort of double or triple quick firing with only 1 ammo used, sometimes no ammo used, and again, it gets worse when your ping goes bad. Theater mode shows me fire only once with 1 ammo used, or not fired at all with no ammo used.

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            Re: Other players are ahead of me?

            Hello, thank you for taking the time to contact us, sorry to hear about the delay issues!  These kind of problems may be caused by connectivity issues. Are you using a wireless connection? Can you run a pingtest.net and post the results here?

            Do you see the same delay in League Play as well? Zombies games?



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                Re: Other players are ahead of me?

                Woah, are you like a moderator or something?  But anyways, yeah it's a wireless connection.  I haven't done league play, and rarely do zombies online.  Not sure what a pingtest.net is, but it seems like a website.  I'm not sure how testing the ping on my computer will do anything, but i'll post the results regardless.


                Download: 15.87 mb/s

                Upload: 0.96 mb/s

                Latency: 23 ms


                Not sure what any of this means, but if you need something else, let me know.

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                    Re: Other players are ahead of me?

                    Hello Austin, we are not moderators, we are Activision Assist - we provide support over social media channels to players in need!


                    Thanks for the info, your bandwidth and speed look good. We ask for this info because oftentimes these types of issues are due to limited internet connections.


                    Pingtest.net is a website to test your connections "ping" - which is the delay in sending and receiving info over the internet. Players with a higher ping, or frequent packet loss, will most likely experience problems playing games online.


                    You mentioned you are playing on a wireless connection - this may be the cause of the issue. Would it be possible to try wiring your internet directly to your console, for testing purposes?


                    You can get a few more ideas on optimizing your connection in this article as well:




                    Let us know if this helps!



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