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    Account Reset - Now im banned?

      Hello Everyone,


      This is mainly directed to Activision Support, but everyone is welcome to see it if they have a similar problem. I was master prestige (all diamond guns except for pistols and rocket launchers but I was working on them) and my account was reset because of the offline local glitch thing. I contacted you and I havent heard back in a while. I deciced to just get my rank up on my own again and do whatever I needed to do.


      I got to level 53 and had Gold Remmington and the gold DRS50 for quickscoping...(see how easy it is to get gold??) and NOW my account was banned for 6 days???/


      WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME? What did I do? I dont know if you will ever read this but I would love for my account to be back to master prestige along with my diamond guns! Thanks!


      -MaddFuture (PSN)