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    Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

      Still like this game and not playing the newer versions.

      Smacked DEER HUNTER the other day.




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          I can hold me own.


          Working on 'head' shots right now.





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            Hi Guns',


            I have entered your FC.

            Now 'pending' you.



            SimonOak 'o'

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              Not seeing your invite

              Sent you one



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                Hey Guns'R'Us, this is the real DEER HUNTER. You can check me out on youtube. Would love to talk to you and possibly get you to join up with some of the best players in the game. I still play this game extensively, and will be until the end. I would like to team up with you. If you're still active here, write a post, and then we can exchange codes. See you around.

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                  yo DEERHUNTER!??!


                  what times do you play?


                  if you play around the same time as my good buddy, WarPig4H / 4HotLead, you guys should totally hook up.


                  whats your YT channel?


                  my channel is here.

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                    Hey Elite King! I remember you and Elite Queen from the early days! I  could never forget Warpig 4H/4HotLead. Good player! I'm in the ET zone,  and I play everyday/every other day, depending on my schedule. Usually in the  evening. Anywhere from 8pm ET and onward. Here's the link to my  channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKBprknwVEDaTgFFNYQAU9Q.  I don't openly give my friend code anymore because unfortunately, the  hackers run rampant. Private message me on YT, and I will answer you.  See you on there!

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                      wow, so you mean to tell me that guys can hop accounts on W@W too?


                      i only thought people were hoppable on BO and MW3.


                      your time schedule is right up Pigs' alley.


                      do/have you played any of the other CoD games on the Wii?


                      Elite Queen and I have purchased the WiiU and are currently playing Black Ops 2 on it.


                      its great using wiimote controls on a true HD CoD game.



                      on a seperate thought...what do you think of martydom? =)


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                        Hey Elite King, first and foremost, that video was simply awesome! You just refreshed my memories of how high I hold the 4H group. In my book you guys were top players. I have 2 accounts. My main account is strictly a lone wolf account. Reason being that a hacker has recently ambushed some of the best players in this game. They entered his prestige lobby without knowing, and the hacker completely ruined their stats and rank. My other account is one that I share with all of my friends. Now you have to be very careful when going in and out of lobbies. It seems like he has disappeared for now, but you can never be too careful. I don't play of the other CoD versions. Only WaW. Even though we have other CoDs on the xbox, I don't bother with those. I particularly like this game because of its simplistic and up-close nature. I think they could have added some maps to make it better, and possibly larger maps where you could have 6 players to a side, like on xbox. A feature I really would have loved to have seen was punching and kicking action, so I could kick some of these a-holes after you run out of ammo! Haha! Like I said, message me on youtube, and I'll exchange codes if you like, and we can talk about WarPig's code too. Best regards, DEER HUNTER.

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                          thanks man!


                          i'll hit you up on YT tomorrow and we'll exchange FCs for you, Queen, Pigs and me.


                          yeah XP lobbies suck.


                          thats why when i play W@W, i always let somebody else get the first kill if im not host.


                          if you are host, then you know its a clean lobby, otherwise, you take your chances, lol.

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