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        60. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

        nicedrewishfela wrote:


        Not sure what you are on about... Nuketown has just never been one of my favorite maps. I know how to play it, I just don't enjoy playing it.


        It is one of the maps that brings out the worst in this community. Have had some good times playing it... but only in small doses.

        Non-stop action. ...that's what I'm on about.

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          61. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

          I guess it also buffles you why other people have a different opinion as yours. Do you realize that you won't be able to change others' opinion? We as human beings and individuals have our own views and opinions. You just have to accept it and you can't just argue your way to force your opinion to others and make them agree with you. It simply doesn't work that way.

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            62. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

            A lot of these maps have that. Nuketown just has never been one of my favorites. Period.

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              63. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

              im a fan of cod and them putting one old map into a new game whats so bad about it. its a good idea to do that besides we only have nucktown,firing range,and summit it wont be the end of the world for you

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                64. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                I explained my opinion. Why not explain yours?

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                  65. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                  apparently it will be the end for them. apparently having 2 reskinned maps out of 12 is being lazy.


                  You guys do get that you are being actually fairly rude with that statement right? You got 10 new maps and are complaining because they have 2 reskinned maps for those who like the old maps. you still got 10 other ones but screw those maps! they had 2 reskins in there! they must be twattling their thumbs all day.


                  Nice you said it was like I wasnt reading your posts now Im saying that to you guys. Calling the developers "lazy" simply because the released 2 old maps out of a total 12 released is just plain rude and completely uncalled for. You got 10 maps. You guys really want to start insulting over 2 reskins which they did because most fans happen to enjoy the occasional rebirth of old maps (3 maps over 8 months isnt bad at all). the lack of respect toward the people making this game for you is just astounding.


                  and just how did I put words in your mouth?

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                    66. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                    we paid for new maps now they dont drop the third map pack till July, when they gonna drop the fourth map pack oct so we have 1 month to play them before a real call of duty comes out this game wouldn't be so bad if you didn't call it call of duty just call it somthing else. treyarch money hungry lazy jerks who cant even rent a server. kill a whole franchise with one game. why didn't mw3 just repaint old shitty maps.

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                      67. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                      IMO, maps that you pay for should all be new.


                      Any re-released maps or reskinned maps should be given out as a free download.  Just like Terminal on MW3.

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                        68. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                        judoshowdon wrote:


                        we paid for new maps

                        Nowhere in the Xbox Live Marketplace say they would be new maps. You paid for 4 sets ofd DLC, thats all.


                        Its not their fault you assumed all maps would be new

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                          69. Re: Maps, are we complaining again.

                          Because you are making it a negative discussion rather than an intelligent one. You are making it an "Us vs Them" discussion and trying to divide the community.


                          Nobody is insulting the devs, I am one of their biggest supporters. But sometimes you have to keep people honest. Sometimes you have to hold people to higher standards. If you read my posts, you will see I complimented them on how they reskinned the maps.  I loved the first Black Ops. Yeah it had its problems, but it had all original maps. It was innovative and exciting and new. Not every idea worked, but I applauded them for trying it.


                          You are putting words into my mouth by making it seem that my opinion somehow is wrong. I expressed and explained quite clearly why I want new maps. I wouldn't want them to replay Old Campaign missions in the Campaign either. I am paying for a new game and new DLC, I just want new material.


                          Do I complain when maps are re-skinned? No, I do my best to enjoy them and play them and have fun like always. Would I prefer new maps? Yes, most definitely.


                          I compare it to a TV show I watch telling me there is a new episode coming out this week. I watch it, and it is really just a clip show of old episodes, re-hashing what I already know happened. Sure it may be fun looking back, but I would have loved to see something new. I can always watch reruns later.


                          I have a great deal of respect for the Devs, and it is in the spirit of that I hold them to high standards. I want this game and future titles to be great: not just good, not just acceptable.  I don't like bringing old maps into new games. They don't always work out of context, and since they were designed for the previous game don't always flow well. Treyarch does a much better job than IW in this regard, but I think IW had more respect for the community by not asking us to pay for a map we had already paid for.


                          I understand that there are people who like old maps, it is just my opinion that since I paid for a new game, I want all new maps.

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