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    LAG in HC vs. LAG in CORE?

      I know some people have a very bad problem with the "LAG" in this game.

      by "lag" i mean, getting shot before the person comes around the corner. getting shot 3-5 steps after you ran around the corner. or just plain old putting a whole clip into someone to get 2 or 3 hitmarkers. etc. etc.

      Im not talking about when someone has one bar and is bouncing around like a 1920's stop motion film. or the conn interupted host dash etc.



      i for one play mostly Core because thats the style i prefer. however sometimes venture into HC land with freinds or when i cant find a fair game in core.



      The thing ive noticed, is i very rarely exepience what most of us refer to a lag in HC. but in core it happens in every game.



      I was just curious as to how many poeple do or dont experience "LAG". and what gametype do you play?


      be honest. im just curious. because i never hear people complain anout it in hardcore like they do in core. i think its because it rarely happens.

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          I play mostly HC domination and for the most part it's good and hit detection is good, sometimes though i can feel i'm abit behind them in time, but it's not that bad as in core. Maybe a placebo, due to you only have to hit with 1 or 2 bullets the guy with fastest accurate aim wins. The aim "resist" can hinder you to get your sights on target sometimes and other times aim assist is spot on the body...

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            I've had a few laggy games in hardcore but really not much.  It might be because there are less scorestreaks on the maps and people aren't being sprint monkeys that might help in making the game less laggy.


            I suspect that perhaps hardcore players are less likely to be using a shared connection where other applications will cause latency as they know that will hurt them more than in core where you can just quickly find cover and have your health regenerated.  I'd play hardcore more myself but even the hardcore kids love Nuketown and Hijacked nearly as much as core kids and that's going to help invite a team kill etc.

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              I play HC TDM all the time, and I expereience the whole "getting shot around corners" thing at least once a game. And we have no kill cams, but eh, its not the games fault, The game runs too fast for the xbox if u ask me, so i am hoping that Ghosts on the Xbox one is smooth. I mean i'll get ghosts for 360 cuz Xbox One will be buggy at first, but in a year they should tweak it, so Black OPs 3 will be good.

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                  Black ops 3 might be good if they get their heads out of their arses. lol


                  As for lag in core vs HC. It's there but like it was stated it only takes a hit or two two drop them instead of an entire clip.

                  I have jumpped out of countless matches due to to high lag. I jump in a lobby and am getting shot by someone not facing me and it happes more then a few times, I leave.

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                  Very seldom have  laggy HCDOM games, core is unplayable. There was a spell after the last patch where I was getting red bar lobbies, but I haven't had one in a while, HCDOM seems back on track now.

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                    The "lag" is the same in all game types. You just don't notice it as much (or at all) in HC because the time to kill is so short that when you die, you can't tell if it was from lag, or you just got out gunned because you die instantly every time in HC.

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                      When you get shot before someone comes around the corner or you get shot after you go around a corner is becuase you died at a different time on your screen.


                      It takes time for those things to get back to you that you died for example.

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                        You do get lag in HC but it's less noticable. Because it only takes a couple of bullets to kill then you don't notice if a few bulets don't register.

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                            I have  played many across seas games. those 808 clantags are a dead givaway. always back out.


                            Yah i experience lag in hardcore. but maybe 1 or 2 WTFs per game. not like core where pretty much every kill or death is a WTF moment.


                            Im saying the actual lag should be the exactly the same. but there is much more agressive lag compensation in core.


                            i almost never get shot before i see the guy in hc. it happens 10 times a game in core. and it does the same for most other people as well. at least from what i hear through the headset.