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    refresh stats black ops 2



      my cousin came over here and played some call of duty on my xbox.

      but he refreshed my stats for fun

      is there any way to undo this?

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          Re: refresh stats black ops 2

          you can contact Activision from the top links on the first page, but no promises YOU decided to change your stats. you also loses any coins or unlocks as well.


          Punch him in the face for me and HOPE he didnt boost or mod because YOU are responsible for everything under your account. you still can get banned even if HE did it.

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            Re: refresh stats black ops 2

            YOU are responsible for YOUR account, xbox, games and their contents.


            more likely you did it and now regret doing it.



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              Re: refresh stats black ops 2

              They should get rid of reset in the next game, or have it to where you can only reset after logging into elite..

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                Re: refresh stats black ops 2

                What all does the stats reset reward reset anyway?



                I've been wondering about this, why it's even a "Reward", you do all that work to reach a prestige level and one of your 'rewards' is to reset all that work?  Doesn't really make much sense to me unless I am mis-understanding what it does.



                Does it totally reset EVERYTHING and your back at level 1 with no experiance, no weapons prestiges, etc, etc?




                Does it only reset your stats like K/d ratio, SPM, and performance with your weapons and in different game modes while leaving you and your weapons still at your prestige and current progress levels?



                The second option would make more sense to me as being useful. If say, you had changed ISP's and now had much faster internet (which may happen to my home ISP in a couple of weeks hence my curiosity) and wanted to reset your old K/d ratio, SPM rate, and performance stats for your various weapons, etc. that way you could "start fresh" on those stats with your new better internet service.

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                    Re: refresh stats black ops 2

                    Everything Gone! "Like starting the game for the first time"- except you get the Eraser calling card.


                    I did it after reaching Prestige Master with 3 classes diamond.  I am already 1/2 through the Prestige Fun (probably hit Level 6 tonight) and have the LMG's back to Diamond.


                    No Regrets- keeps the game more interesting to work on 3 level ups -Prestige Level, Weapon Prestige &  Gold Camo as efficiently as I can.  I like being "forced" to mix up classes and spend devoted time to all the different weapons and classes.

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                        Re: refresh stats black ops 2

                        Awwe, see now I think also having the option to reset JUST your basic stats like K/d, SPM, and performance stats for weapons and score streaks would be a good reward. The reasons could be two fold;


                        If you have played through several prestiges even if your performance gets better, either due to experiance or because you might have upgraded your old laggy internet to something better it still takes forever for your "average" K/d, SPM, and weapons performance stats to begin to reflect those changes. People might want to rest just those stats at every prestige, or every couple of prestiges, so they can get a true comparison for how they are playing now with another prestige worth of experiance vs how they played before, without having to wait forever for the average to slowly rise which can take a long time. Plus the whole thing if they might have changed their internet, would be a faster way to see if that has changed their game.



                        It's like filling a car with gas and resetting the little gauge that shows your Average MPG, during the first miles it changes rapidly, but after 150 miles on the tank even if you do something like have a tune-up done that suddenly increases your averge MPG it still takes a LONG time for the average on the meter to reflect that. My car used to get 28mpg and then for some reason it was only showing 20 on the same trip so I took it in, they found a problem and fixed it but I noticed my meter wasn't reflecting any great change, over the next 70-100 miles still had only gone up to 22mpg, I called them and they asked if I had reset the meter after having the work done (duh!) so I did and instantly it began to reflect that I was now getting 29mpg, actually better than it'd gotten even before the problem arose.


                        Stats in this game are the same way, if you have prestiged a couple of times, even if you suddenly get better (or worse) inteternet and want to see if it made a difference, or if you just want to see how your game has changed from normal experiance, it takes a looooong time to begin to reflect those changes.

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                      Re: refresh stats black ops 2

                      Hi quintenhashdl, It's unfortunate to hear this happened if you did not want a Fresh Start. Once Fresh Start is selected on the account it overrides the back up data in order to restart the account back to level 1. Because of this, the stats/emblems/backgrounds cannot be restored as the previous data no longer exists. We're very sorry but unfortunately we are unable to reverse the action.  Should you need our assistance for any of our games, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ActivisionAssist  Twitter https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist or our Support website https://support.activision.com/ Regards ^AH

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