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    Hard Drive Install Option for PS3 Call of Duty:Ghosts

      Time once again to remind the Dev's that PS3 users need an install option for Ghosts.  I've been involved in COD forum threads trying to get hard drive installs for PS3 COD since MW2.


      During COD XP Sept. 2011 I was able to talk to David Vonderhaar about this in person, and really gave him my best sales pitch. Also we had a thread like this on the go on the Black Ops 2 forums before the game was released.  And lo and behold for Black Ops 2 for the first time we got a "Install Textures to Hard Drive" option under multiplayer options.  And its been great.  I go back to MW3 for Clan Ops and Challenges and it pains me even more now to hear my Blu-Ray drive grinding away the entire time I'm playing - in the past I've even had to mute people because I could hear their Blu-Ray drive chirping away through my headset.


      I really hope that this texture install option or maybe a full install continues with Call of Duty Ghosts and we don't lose the ground we've gained.


      If you want to save hundreds of hours of unnecessary wear and tear on your Blu-Ray drive please post that you agree this is an option we need - this is NOT A PETITION-  just users confirming this is a good and needed option for the PS3 community.

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