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      Hi i think one thing that could be improved is the knife system...so my ideas are that knifing could have an animation similar to the BF3 but just when its done by side or back..if its on front, like the situation where you are on a gun fight on close quarter and you or both runs out of ammo then you simply try to stab the guy or both tries to stab anyway..so the for guy that would be stabbed would appear a randonly chossen button or a combination of buttons ( so that it would be harder ) for just 1 or 2 seconds, that if he pull the right coords he could dodge or grab oponents arms and kick him back and try to reload his gun or try to stab back.. this would give a hole new emotion on knifing and close quarter combats and would be even more enjoyable..


      sorry if this text has any error..but english is not my native language..

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          1 hit from the back, 2 hits from the front.

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            Gettin shot should prohibit a knifing motion, problem solved.

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              Re: IDEAS FOR A NEW KNIFE SYSTEM..

              I love the idea of knocking back a player as a defensive move.


              What would REALLY float my boat is if they (the developers) finally wake up and allow me to REMOVE the knife and/or prone from the sticks of the controller. Nothing gets me more deaths then when I'm simply trying to quickly aim my weapon, and instead I knife at the air, slowing me down from being able to shoot my weapon.


              Let ME choose whether or not I want knife/prone on my sticks OR on my buttons. That would spare me SO many deaths.

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                Re: IDEAS FOR A NEW KNIFE SYSTEM..

                While I do understand the idea of the knife taking 2 slashes to kill instead of one from the front, I disagree. However, I may have some solutions.

                1. Like Ghamoora said, being shot should prevent knife motion/lunge OR reduce the lunge distance to almost zero.

                2. Players cannot knife unless they have their kinfe pulled out. Prevents panic knifing and makes more logic and sense.

                3. Gun Melee Bash - smash your enemy with your weapon. 50 damage (pistols 33). Has very little range.


                Yes, I would like to see the bayonet coming back or any sore of melee attachemnt which isn't a tactical knife to pistols. Maybe a modern version of the bayonet, or something completely new.



                Anyone knows what happend to the Ghosts Multiplayer Discussion Forum?

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