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      So in the past few days I have been encountering nothing but pistols,but the weird thing is everytime I'm shooting first,with an LMG (Hamr with rapid fire) and I put about 20 bullets into the guy he just turns around and shoots me 2-3 times and I'm already dead! Is there any kind of logic?

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          It's called lag in concert with your attachment choice.  Any LMG will kill in 3 or 4 bullets max if all of them land.  Rapid fire decreases your gun accuracy.  So more of your bulllets are not going to land.  Granted 20 bullets should have more than killed him regardless.  So you must have also been suffering from lag which means that where you saw the enemy on the screen wasn't were he really was.  Aka you missed due to lag.  In which case it really didn't matter what gun he had.  You had no chance of winning.

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              He was standing and we both had solid 4 bars.

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                It has been happening a lot to me lately,when I have 4 bars mostly,even if I stand right next to a guy and start to shoot him (even if the enemy is not moving) my bullets do NOTHING,not even with the Ballista! I do good when I have 3 bars..

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                    Dude the lag in this game at times is sooooooooooooooooooo bad its unreal - its not the pistols its the lag, the pistol, especially the fully auto kap40 and and burst fire b23r kill faster than even smgs, and the tac kills in 2 bullets over anything upto 9m - so if they even have a fraction of lag advantge over you they`ll kill you.


                    Ive used pistols for the last 3 days, and I find the lag is so inconsistent its scary, even game to game, lobby to lobby. Some games I can 1-2 shot drop guys the entire game, feels like im god, other games, same teams, takes me 7-8 to kill a guy in the back, and I lose pretty much every gunfight I enter - half the time I dont even see the guy who killed me, and theyre right near me.


                    1 final killcam last night proves how bad it gets, im on overflow, in a building, and I see a guy go in a room opposite, so I jump out, run across and take cover behind a barrel or whatever it was, I peep up and die, fair enough. I watch the killcam, and the guy killed me as I was climbing thru the window, about a full 2 seconds before I then ran across and hide behind the barrel.


                    Other night I played domination, hijacked, B flag, im capping the flag, think it takes about 5-6 secs to cap a flag alone, so I get down and start capping, the counters going round, almost there, then bang ,dead. no idea how - killcam comes up, a guy layed directly opposite me nose to nose face to face and shot me in the head as soon as I lay down, so again I was like 3-4 seconds behind the game.


                    Another thing that proves how bad lag gets - when I play with mic`d players on my team, I hear the announcer say stuff like "enemy uav incoming" through their headsets, then I get to hear it on my tv about 2 secs later. My team take down the uavs before I even know there in the air.


                    Its a crying shame too, coz its the best cod yet and would have been a fine game, connection apart.

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                      Im opposite to you, I do that when I have 3 bars or less, its usually ok on 4 bars but not gauranteed