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    Host picking?

      How is the host in a pre game lobby picked? I have BT infinity (uk) 100mg fibre optic broadband but its not optimized so I can't host on the connection due to high ping...


      So I thought why am I pulling host all the time? Has anyone been in a game where your Michael Jackson moonwalking all over the place because the host has 4 bar and everyone else is rolling 1bar? Yea well that's what my host is like...


      I can literally be at the B flag in Dom before anyone has even started the game yet...


      How can I prevent this? How can I lower my ping? Please all comments are welcome :)



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          Re: Host picking?

          I literally got killed by a guy that came out of the host migration a full second before I did.  It can be a real problem sometimes.  I don't have a particular solution for you but if you have a high ping on a fiber connection then your connection wasn't setup correctly.  I would start with your ISP and have them find the source of the problem.  Lowering your ping won't stop you from hosting but it may even the playing field for you.

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