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      This is  geat example of horrible enemy team and why split-screeners shouldn't be allowed. he sprays and prays his LMG and misses every single shot.

      How would you rate your accuracy?


      Miine is just a teenie bit above average when i compare my accuracy with other players in game mine is a bit higher then that person with almost every gun, but other factors count also like



      -kills with weapon

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          Clear evidence of why split-screeners need to be removed from Call of Duty.

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            So you are saying split screen shouldn't be allowed because some random person missed? Flawed logic at best. With this games lag and hit detection anyone could have such a moment. Also, it may have been that persons first game of cod ever. So by your logic , no new players should be allowed to play? .

                 I guess I'm just not understanding what split screen had to do with anything.

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              It looks like hes hitting you. Maybe it was something to do with connection.

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                Split screeners don't bother me, and my accuracy for almost all guns are in the mid to high 25% area unless it's a shotgun or sniper. I take a little pride in knowing I can aim in a easy game. lol

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                  He may have really sucked at aiming or it may have been lag induced.  I can't tell you the number of times that I've unloaded on a guy with hitmarkers all the way only to have him drop me in one bullet.  On his screen I was shooting a couple of feet behind him and it took 5 or 6 bullets to drop me.  Not everybody that looks like they suck actually do.  Heck I got killed by a guy that wasn't even looking at me just yesterday.  I was shocked when I saw the killcam.

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                      Tell me about it, i've had plenty of those moments.


                      Earlier today i was playing FFA with the KSG, i had a RDS on it and i creeped behind a guy sniping with the DSR, he was crouched and still and i aimed at the center of his upper back, distance was maybe 1 meters and i got 2 shots off and neither one gave me even a hitmarker. After these 2 shots the guy turned around and cheap scoped me. The exact same thing happened in the next game too, and both of us had a 4 bar.


                      The hit detection and lag often makes this game unplayable, yesterday i was hosting a few matches in a row and using the SMR and B23R, it took me 5-6 shots to kill on some of the opponents with the SMR or 4-5 burts with the B23R up close. Needless to say i lost quite a few 1v1's.

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                      Variables are to high to count in such a situation....paradimes<---Incorrect grammar), are possible

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                        i don't have anyone split with me but have had a few games where i will be RIGHT in front of an enemy player, shoot half a clip, and not get ONE hit marker.


                        there are lots of factors at work here.