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    Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

      First of all i am a Solo Player.


      As all noob i started to play TDM. After about 120h i felt the need to play a objective game type so i went to KC and i have a lot of fun.


      Last week i try some Domination but i just cant do well in this mode as it is a mode where cordination and team work is very important and playing solo is very dificult. I see a lot of players plying DOM ( probably is the most played game mode ) and when i see some vids I think to my self that it should be fun to play this objectis game mode but when i go play i just cant do well, i get poor K/D, low SPM and the worst, i cant help my team winning the mach!


      I have a stealth flanking play style and i dont know if that is the best way to go on DOM and that may be the problem but i dont know!


      What is your opinion, should i try it for a week in a row to get a more real idea of the game mode and try to addapt or should i stay in KC as it is a good game mode for Solo players?

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          Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

          I'm a solo player and started with KC. Once they added DOM to HC I'm now playing that. Sometimes sucks being solo just due to fact not everyone on your team is playing the objective. So you have good and bad games. I just have fun with it, and run low scorestreaks.

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            Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

            Dom is best with a couple people. Playing solo and trying to win is frustrating at best. Every now and then you'll come across a good team. Then the other team quits and the cycle starts over.

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              Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

              For some, the transition from a purely selfish game mode like TDM, where your only real focus is on your own performance, to an objective type will be smooth. For others, it will feel so far out of their comfort zone.


              My advice would be to persevere. You'll adapt to your new surroundings soon enough. Be observant; make a mental note of where the objective points are, where campers reside, respawns, etc.


              I also flank primarily, but the annoyance of losing drives me onto the front foot. Try and make winning your main priority and see if that alters your approach somewhat. It usually does for me, but everyone has a different mindset I guess.

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                Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                DOM takes a bit of getting used to if you've only played TDM and KC before.  Winning matches is very difficult without teamwork but the art of winning DOM is to cap and hold two flags.  Preferably A and B or B and C.  Once you have those flags secured you can put your TDM skills to good use with flanking, etc to keep the enemy tied up trying to kill you and off of the flags.  Something that is different, however, is that if you have two flags held then the enemy will always spawn at their flag spawn unless you push into their spawn.  Use this to your advantage.  Lock down choke points and you'll rack up the kills.  You can use a variety of weapons and loadouts and be very successful in DOM but if you are planning on capping flags hard then Flak Jacket and Tac Mask are a must.  I would also recommend Hellstorm and Lightening Strike in your killstreaks.  They are easy to cycle and it's quite common to get quad kills from them because of the spawn system.

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                  Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                  It's a great option! The solo player will work their way away from the main skirmish where your teammates are and sneak around back and capture areas. Teammates tend to stick together,  solo run it and do what you can to be "that guy" that annoys the crap out of the enemy. Plus, if you play HC, you won't feel bad about EMP spamming.

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                    Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                    I say continue giving it a go. You'll get the pretty bad team and you'll get a pretty bad match, but it helps out in the long run. Just pick up what you did wrong in those matches and what you can do to counter it. Lightning strikes, hellstorm missile, hell even sentry guns are useful in that mode. You'll do fine, just hope your team goes for the objective, otherwise you'll probably be getting frustrated and start playing all TDM style just for the sake of taking out your frustration. Good luck if you do continue to play Dom!

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                      Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                      Domination is not recommended but I've ran solo and beast on it before. Avoid playing against clans or groups of guys with mic. They will most likely slaughter you. I find that during certain time of the day, people play differently. When kids arfe in school in my time zone, I see a dramatic amount of players that go for the objective.

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                        Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                        it'll give you lucina's favourite way to win and play domination

                        cap home flag cap B then just run back and forth defending them

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                          Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                          Don't let them lie to you. DOM is full of stupid people who don't coordinate with each other and you'll get destroyed if you think you can jump in and play the objective. I'd get at least a 3 more people to play with you

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                            Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                            You can definitly play dom alone. I do it all the time.

                            Playing a stealth flanking style is good to a degree. But you must be aware of what your team are doing and be vary wary of flanking too far that you trip a spawn flip. (This is when the enemies start spawning behind you. Not good)

                            A lot of players don't like when a player rushes up and tries to cap a 3rd base when 2 are already being held.


                            Watch this channel on youtube for great dom tactics. And rushing the safe zone.



                            As you are trying to get a feel for the game you may want to try a different playstyle. I play a direct assault class with an equipment busting edge. Engineer with a launcher and 2 emp grenades.

                            Also running low killstreaks will help your team and your SPM. UAV-CUAV-Guardian.


                            One thing though, Dom is not a good place to try and increase your k/d. (At least not until you understand it more). You need to put yourself in danger every game by trying to capture flags while people try to kill you.


                            I play BO2 without a single thought about my kdr and I have a hella fun time doing it.

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                              Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                              Dom, is the easiest game mord in the game, DOM seem like its a good mode to pad your stats, KDR/SPM and feel like your doing great. I dont feel a team is required, Most of the time My team is better when we have randoms, I started playing this once they allowed us in hardcore to partake.


                              You will get people and clans that do not play the objective and are just worried about spawn killing, this really grinds my gears. When you are the top guy in the lobby and they are all yelling at you that you are playing wrong, and that everyone just wants to spawn kill, while your out trying to get Caps, and Defends.


                              I suggest all Newbies start off on Domination personally as you get a good feel for the map, as you are more free to move around due to everyone hanging back laying down in the back of the maps.


                              For some reason in Dom everyone forgets that this game is in a 360 environment, and only look one way, I know very annoying. This game is also filled with DB's with TF's and LMG. But all that being said its the easiest game mode to play, if yo uhave a team that is actually dedicated to giving 100% to the objective. and are 100% aware of the world around them and not just a linear path. These guys will get frustrated at not being at the top of the bored and eventually rage quit.

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                                Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                                free for all is good if you dont have people to play with

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                                  Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                                  You can play DOM by yourself.


                                  You win more if you play with a full party.  Most folks in public matches that play as teams don't call out as much as you'd think.  It is supposed to fun.


                                  I play domination to work on my camo challenges.  I am not very good so I am not a kill whore, but I don't play the objective all that hard - it depends on the challenges I am working on and the map.  The game last long enough and is hard to manipulate into lasting longer than it needs to.


                                  Its easier than TDM from the perspective that the flow of people is a little more predictable.  The spawns are a little more static and predictable as well. 

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                                    Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                                    First of all thank you all for your posts and time!


                                    Last night i decide to go on a DOM week only so i can have a better idea of the game. Many posts here are very very specific and correct IMO.


                                    Against all of i said about cant do well, last night was very good!!!! Maybe because of your tips

                                    As i said i am a relative Noob , this is my first COD and i only have 240h played, and some achivements are great for me ( you must be with me ) lol, and i manage to get good games and 2 Merciless Medals ( i had only 9 in my 240h ) and win most of the games. I play safe, and try to go for the flags in a safe way. Of curse, i flanked some times when i should not, maybe a should trying to help hold B flag for instance, but that is because of all of my time playing only TDM and KC where the spawns are so much diferent and the routes are much more unexpected and i dont have objectives to Cap and defend!


                                    I will not make a decision now just because the things went well last night, i will continue to play for this week and then i update here my final opinion.


                                    Again, thanks a lot you all and other opinions are welcome!


                                    Ps. Sorry for my poor english ( i am Portuguese)

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                                        Re: Solo Player - Is Domination a good Option?

                                        just follow these tips:


                                        1. cap home flag

                                        2.take different route to B then team.

                                        3. learn and remember where enemy comes from going for B

                                        4. always capture B

                                        5. patrol B but keep an eye on the mini map and what your team mates are doing.

                                        6.learn the spawns of the enemy.

                                        7.anticipate where they are coming from.

                                        8.kill enemies when they are near or on B as it will gain more points

                                        9.pay attention to your team when going for enemy flag, if you think its safe then join for points.

                                        10.make your way back to B at all times.

                                        11.run low attaineble streaks.

                                        12.use flak jacket.

                                        13.dont play clans or parties

                                        14.bail out when you have split screeners on your team.

                                        15.if you see someone doing very good watch their theatre.


                                        most important: learn tendencies per map.

                                        there are certain things people will always do on certain maps.

                                        raid: people will always try to snipe or shoot rockets up the middle at start of the game.

                                        plaza: there is always 1 person who will ignore A and go to the disco @ B and stay there.

                                        standoff: there will always be snipers at the start watching over B with others throwing a barrage of lethal.

                                        hijacked: at start watch from someone going beneath the boat and there will always try to spawn trap you , so beware of someone looking over the spawn trying to shoot you just after respawn.

                                        slums:people will snipe in the middle over B flag.


                                        there are alot more though but that for you to find out yourself.


                                        after you  gain experience you will have a better idea what to do.


                                        be prepared to change your game style and class though.

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