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    Constructive Criticism

      I find it really weird, that when people are giving constructive criticism, sometimes the thread gets locked. Often times there are alot more information in these threads then some of the same old Nerf-Buff discussions on here. (which really adds nothing) . I guess im really confused at what kind of feedback Activision is looking for on the forum? It almost seems like you start to yell and call other users names like "camper" "Run and gunner" "cheapscooper" and get into personal attacks this is often time fine. but when it comes down to a heavy constructive criticism of the game it will get locked down with someone saying "thats how the game is and how it will be"  and bam thats all. So i guess my question is What help has this forum given you? have you had a problem that has been fixed here?  I have yet to receive any REAL support from this forum. I hope im in the minority.

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          Re: Constructive Criticism

          You can post an honest opinion and people will treat it like you're giving a utilitarian speech on how CoD sucks. This causes a bickering back and forth where one person refuses to acknowledge that your opinion is simply an opinion. These kinds of a conversations are not constructive and since they're the only conversations that get had anymore on the forums most threads get locked

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              Re: Constructive Criticism

              You're wrong.

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                Re: Constructive Criticism

                This is the most common reason for thread locks that I've seen.  You do get the occasional forum violation but more often than not it's the heat generated from some of the discussions that gets out of hand.  My best suggestion for trying to keep threads active is to not engage those that obivously have a need to make your opinion match their opinion.  Some people are mature enough to agree to disagree and others are not.  Learning who is who helps a lot.  This does require the discipline to let someone say that you are an idiot on occasion and just let it lie there.  My only other piece of advice is to try and be respectful in your presentation of your opinions even if you think that the other person is completely off base.  I think that we all stumble on this one from time to time.

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                Re: Constructive Criticism

                The forums are good for maintaining a sense of community, to be fair to Activision/Moderators, I have seen support given on these forums.

                The reason for locks is either because they violate forum rules or the discussion turns into a flamefest.


                In my opinion a lot of threads demand too much... The fact is once the game is released it can't be re-invented.. it is what it is, faults and all.  Tweaking the game is the only thing the developers can do.


                Developers/Publishers have a bad habit of ignoring the negative as if it doesn't exist, this is because if you admit your game has big issues (LAG) it makes it harder to sell.


                I don't think this game has been a classic (it's average) as a result I will not buy any DLC, instead of coming on the forums and trying to bash 3arc! (what's the point)


                Customers should vote with their feet instead of raging at a developer. (hopefully Ghosts will be better)

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                  Re: Constructive Criticism

                  See, there is real support:



                  The community is nothing but players, much like you and I. There isn't much support we can do other than simple tips. If you need more support than that, http://support.activision.com/ is the place to go.


                  Edit: And more support: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414445494#414445494


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