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    Need help

      K can someone teach me how to get more kills with less deaths the best I ever got was 50 kills 73 deaths.  I'm a rusher please tell me good guns because I've benn having trouble lately

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          Tip # 1. Don't be married to a playstyle. Be an adaptive player. Rush when necessary, sit back when the flow of the game calls for it, play tactically in other situations.


          Play smart. Practice against the bots in Custom Games.

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            best thing to do is slow your roll...if you see your negitive, go camp. yeah yeah, but if you are concerned about K/D, some things you just gotta do...and like previous poster said, be adaptive to the game play and map....

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                Don't rush?


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                  Use the MSMC with a Silencer and Extended Mags. You can rush with this setup but take the less popular routes and always try to be aware of you surroundings. The perks I use are Ghost, Hardline, Toughness, Scavenger, and Dexterity.


                  Aim down sight on pretty much every corner where you think an enemy could be lurking. You need to stealthily flank them and engage them one on one so try not to use this setup on head-on gunfights involving multiple enemies. Take a look at the minimap every two seconds. 


                  The reason I advised you to take less popular routes is so that the chances of bumping into an enemy group is low. You need to pick them off one by one.


                  If you encounter a group and you think you will get outgunned, play it smart and run away. Save your life but keep an eye on your back. There is a chance that one or two will chase you so get into the nearest cover that will provide you an advantage and use it. Pick off the chasers one by one. Retreat, get a kill then retreat again. Kill from the shadows.


                  You need to have good spawn knowledge and you need to know where you are with regards to your team's position. If your team is spawning on the other side, and you're in deep enemy territory, be aware of the enemy spawn points. Try to take advantage of it but don't rush their spawn and flip it. Keep a safe distance and just ambush them when they run to get back to the frontlines.


                  I have acquired my high killstreaks and I have several flawless games using these techniques. This is the playstyle that brought me the best KD ratio in TDM and Arms Race.

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                    I'm honestly not trolling here but you're definately not a rusher. Not yet anyway. Like some of the folks are saying - slow down a bit  and play a bit more tactically. If you insist on rushing remember hipfire is a rusher's best friend and never sprint round corners. Good luck.