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    quick scope garbage and host lag, split screen lag

      Quick scoping is totally unfair, its not realistic its cheating and exploiting please get rid of this crap or turn off aim assist on sniper rifles, ITS NOT FAIR, please make it fair with the connections, I dont want to play with lagging Canadians, overseas people, and americans with slow connections, when I get host I cannot kill anyone, ITS NOT FAIR,make the kids that have bad and cheap internet pay the price for it, not us people who have a good connection that we pay extra for ITS NOT FAIR,why would you put lagging split screeners in multi player? They are cutting into profits and lagging and almost impossible to kill..think of all the console sales, live gold accounts and game sales lost... geez..thought you wanted to make money and provide good game play. ..??? ITS NOT FAIR or logical!  It just might be a Battlefield fall for me...they got one thing right call of duty will be nothing but a "ghost" soon because alot of people I talk to are SICK OF THESE ISSUES! GET WITH THE PROGRAM TREARCH AND ACTIVISION