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    Right, you will all want this.

      Can we please get a game mode of playlist where target finders are banned?


      Fed up of these guys sitting at the back of the map or headglitching to get their streaks with target finder LMG's. Im sorry, but if you need help finding your targets then this game is clearly not for you, it's infuriating and annoying. And for all of you that say "oh, stop being so butthurt" you're clearly one of the [Removed by Moderator.] that I speak of. "Hahahaha, Im sitting at the back of the map trying to get my swarm because it's the only way I'll ever get i


      Also, Treyarch, your game is just a pile of shambles, why your customers are still relying on ANCIENT p2p connections to host games I shall never know, invest in dedicated servers (think: Battlefield) and we'll all be much happier. Nothing more annoying than having a host that has a diabolical connection so all the other players in the lobby have to suffer.

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          If only there was a perk to counter the TF...


          Oh wait.. there is.

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            I sometimes wonder if there is as many target finder users as people make out there is. I don't see tht many and those I do don't normally go positive.


            I get accused if using one pretty much whenever I use an LMG, and being a HC player there are no killcams to say otherwise. Always makes me laugh when I get final killcam using RDS or irons, that shuts them up.

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              I do play HC, but there are other ways to tell. 1) you can see the sight on the gun, 2) pick up said gun to find out for yourself. 3) Sometimes you just know, hard to explain really. I was 30-0 in HCTDM, on a 24 gun streak and the guy who got me I just knew had a target finder, watched back in theatre and I was right.

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                Stop using the dozens of other magic perks/attachments if you're so hardcore.

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                  I have TF on a lot of my classes. The TF is still less sh*tty than quick scoping IMO.

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                    I don't see TFs all that often, but it does go in spurts. The other night everyone and their brother was using one. It finally got to where one team had four ppl camping around with TFs. I hung it up for the night after that.


                    I will say the TF irritates me more than deathstreaks. With that said I have a class with one, but it's an anti air class

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                      How about you change your class and use the items in the game to counter it instead of expecting the developers to hand you a list to cater to how you want to play so you do not have to change or adapt.So no not everyone wants or needs such a list. For those that are smart enough can and do adapt and change up how they play to counter it. But no.. you want to continue to use the same perk so you do not have too, instead you want it removed so you dont have to change...typical entitlement minded person.. who thinks the game has to cater to them becuase they do not like something about it...


                      Another fact this game does not use P2P it uses listen servers which are different from P2P systems. So get your facts straight about how the game works before posting false information like that.


                      Yet another fact, this game will not have dedicated servers on this console ever. This has been said by the developers before. Dedicated servers do not fix lag or hit detection, it only fixs host migration and stat padding by dashboarding. Dedicated servers are not the magic bullet to fix all problems in this game like you or anyone else like you want to think or claim or try to say. It never was nor ever will be the magic fix.

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                        I don't understand why you would want to ban a device that is a real-world device used by our own servicemen in the field?  Isn't part of this game to be kinda realistic in the weapons available and let people play with toys usually restricted to special ops units?  The real world ones don't show targets in exactly the same way but do highlight what the microcomputer thinks maybe "possible targets" baised on movement, body heat, and who knows what other parameters it combines to make it's guesses. Is it that the one in the game is too powerful compared to it's real-life counterparts?  I have tried it, even have one on one of my assult rifles and haven't found it to be particulary overpowering, half the time it doesn't even highlight targets that I can plainly see no matter if they are moving or standing stationairy. A lot of the time it doesn't seem to do anything special at all. Good to switch to if I get in a game where someone is popping tons of smoke repeatedly but even then it's functionality is very hit-and-miss on finding any targets.

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                          Locking. There are counters to their style of gameplay as pointed out by the community.


                          Threads which defeat the purpose of discussion do not reserve the right to be open. That is shutting down discussion by telling those who will defend their play that they are equal to those you consider offensive.


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