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    A few of my favorite things....

      So, to get away from some of the negativity, had an idea today for a discussion when I had a few rare moments to sit and play the game.


      In spite of all the bad stuff (Lag Comp, Lag itself, Bad teammates, quitters, Boosters, etc etc) that floods these forums every day... there is a reason we play this game. There are reasons we love Call of Duty in spite of it's issues... many of which are only issues because we are so passionate about the game and how we want it to play.


      So, begging everyone to leave the negativity at the door and share with us a few of your favorite things about Call of Duty MP. What moments just make your day?


      Here are a few of mine-


      1) Getting the final kill cam on an enemy with that enemy's weapon. Something just very satisfying about this. Got a funny reaction today when I did this to someone with their PK with Target Finder. Got a triple in the Final Killcam, the last being the owner of that weapon... was a very funny reaction from him. We all had a good laugh about it in the lobby.


      2)Getting that final kill to win a close game. Everyone loves being on the good side of a blowout now and then... but I think most would agree there isn't much more adrenaline pumping than a back and forth match. Love being the difference maker and getting that last kill to put our team over the top, especially if we spent most of the game fighting back from behind. Only thing more satisfying is getting a multi-kill in that last kill cam to clinch it!


      3) Turning around a bad game. Nothing more frustrating than starting off a match not being able to do anything right. Starting off 0-8 or something horrid like that and seriously considering hitting that XBox button and bailing.. but then adjusting your game, changing your class, and making a serious comeback, ending the game positive or at least even. After the frustration of a bad start, always feels good to get that turnaround.


      4) I love some of the crazy moments we get in this game (the same ones that can make it frustrating, granted). You know the situation... you are faced with impossible odds and yet you somehow pull it off and survive. Strafing around a corner into a nest of enemies, taking out three of them.... hitting the ground to reload with bullets flying around you and then popping up and taking out the others, screen red and heart pumping.


      Looking forward to hearing some of yours!