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    Sniping Clan with potential Looking for team editor (Xbox Only)

      Hey guys my names jordan, I am the leader/owner of a new Black Ops 2 clan known by the name of Nasty Gaming and we are mainly snipers but we are looking to expand to competitive play and participating in events. We are in need of an editor for team videos you will get your channel featured in the description of every video edited and we will give shoutouts and do whatever we can to help out, you just gotta return the favor we may be able to pay! But if you are a good editor and are interested message me on skype @MERKULEEZZ or on twitter @NastyGamingClan. we have potential to become bigger and better! Thanks for your time, im looking forward to the rise of NG! My personal youtube is /MERKULEEZZ and check out the clan /ClanNastyGaming. Also we are recruiting good feeders and trickshotters, NG just think FaZe started out just like us we can get known!