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    Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

      What is the farthest you or you and a friend has gone on Survival Mode and on which difficulty?

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          Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

          Haven't played with any friends. My best probably isn't that good but on Interchange I made to round 30 which put me at 574 on the leaderboards. Other than that I normally get between 25-35 on the easy maps 20-25 the next four, and haven't even done the reset. Seatown was pretty fun. I hit round 28 on it.

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            Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

            ...15, on all of the maps. :] ♥achievables.


            Nah, highest is...32 on underground(i believe is Easy). Kept going to rank up. Got to get to 50 for my last couple achievements.

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              Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

              Managed to get to wave 25 on Bakaara with a randomer without using a mic.


              But my highest wave ever is 33 on Dome with another randomer with a no mic

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                Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

                Me and a buddy got to 34 on Seatown. I found that Riot Squads and Turrets are essential though.

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                  Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

                  My highest waves on some maps are:

                  • Underground -
                    • Co-op: 39
                    • Solo: 41

                      • Having to keep reviving a partner sucks when you're in battle.
                  • Dome -
                    • Co-op: 23
                    • Solo: 28
                  • Seatown -
                    • Co-op: 34
                    • Solo: 31
                  • Outpost -
                    • Co-op: 19
                    • Solo: 28
                      • My brother sucks at this level, but it's one of my favorites.
                  • Fallen -
                    • Co-op: 11
                    • Solo: 22
                      • My brother hates this level, because his highest solo wave is 7.
                  • Village -
                    • Co-op: 36
                    • Solo: 36
                  • Resistance -
                    • Co-op: 39
                    • Solo: 40
                      • Brother does not know how to play very well. He's not jumpy, nor does he take cover. He's a sprayer. His favorite type of gun is a Light-Support-Weapon. He sprays almost 3000 bullets each level and hits barely 120 guys. He gets killed, or starts bleeding out, more than 4 times a level.

                  I play this game with my brother a lot. Now, he doesn't play it anymore. He plays Black Ops 2. What I don't understand is: Why did my brother get Black Ops II, if he's never played the original Black Ops?

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                      Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

                      For me Seatown and Piazza are probably the easiest maps to get a high wave on.  I've gotten up to wave 45 on Seatown with my brother split-screen, and wave 39 on Piazza solo.


                      My best on the leaderboards I think is Mission, wave 33 solo and I'm in the top 1000 out of 1.2 million people on it. 


                      My worst on the leaderboards and worst for total wave is Downturn, wave 18 solo, which puts me at 17500 out of 500,000 people total.

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                      Re: Spec Ops/Survival Mode best

                      30-40 on all maps besides Downturn. 54 on Gultch. Hard to find anyone worth playing with these days.

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